Suggestions for a perfect trip in Da Lat with only VND 3 million

Suggestions for a perfect trip in Da Lat with only VND 3 million

Lam Dong 04.06.2021

The trip to Da Lat of Dieu Trinh and her sister was full of happiness, memories and delicious food, but it only cost them VND 3 million for 3 days and 2 nights there.

Translated by nguyendo

Written by huongnt

From November to February, Da Lat is a destination that many people want to visit. During this time, the “mountainous town” is as dreamy as a “sleeping princess” with the morning dew, sunflower weeds and sparkling pink grass, and then it gradually wakes up with the cherry blossoms in full bloom, lighting up all the roads and alleys.


Dieu Trinh and her sister in Da Lat city. Photo: Dieu Trinh

Acknowledging this beautiful period, Ngo Thi Dieu Trinh (born in 1995, Hue) and her sister put off their personal work to travel to Da Lat together. "I have been to Da Lat many times and I really liked the peaceful atmosphere there, so I wanted to take my sister to explore the city", Dieu Trinh shared with

The girl said that she booked a plane ticket of Vietnam Airlines with the price of VND 1.5 million round-trip/person. Tickets were booked one month in advance to ensure the best price and reasonable travel time.

Regarding the accommodation, Dieu Trinh booked the Elegant Dalat Hotel via an application. The room she rented has a balcony with a rate of VND 1 million/2 days/2 people. You can also rent motorbikes here with the fee of VND 150,000/day.

During the days in the “dreamy city”, the two girls visited many famous destinations. Wherever they went, they wore couple-clothes from skirts, shoes to accessories. “I was the one who came up with the idea of wearing couple-clothes during our trip. The flight tickets were booked one month in advance, while the rest were prepared close to the date of departure”, said Dieu Trinh.



The sisters wore ton-sur-ton clothes during the whole trip. Photo: Dieu Trinh

The schedule of the trip in Da Lat was created reasonably by Dieu Trinh and her sister.

Day 1

The sisters took a flight from Da Nang to Lien Khuong airport (Da Lat) and then got in a taxi to the hotel they booked in advance, then they went to Khap Bun Kha restaurant which specializes in serving Thai dishes. The most special dish here is the “Khap Bun Kha hotpot” with a harmonious combination of sour, salty, sweet and spicy flavors, coupled with the fresh and delicious seafood. After enjoying it, they returned to the hotel to relax.


“Khap Bun Kha hotpot” with a harmonious combination of sour, salty, sweet and spicy flavors. Photo: tripadvisor

In the afternoon, both of them went for a walk and then stopped at Thai Ba Trieu sweet soup shop at 15 Ba Trieu Street, Ward 1, Da Lat City, Lam Dong. There are many types of sweet soups for you to choose such as Thai sweet soup, fruit ice-cream and “thung” sweet soup (a typical dessert of the South of Vietnam mainly made from cassava and sweet potatoes). The sweet soup here is judged by customers to be very delicious with pleasant aroma and light sweet, while the price only ranges from VND 15,000 to 25,000/cup.


Two sisters of Dieu Trinh visited Da Lat night market. Photo: Dieu Trinh


Enjoying snacks at the night market. Photo: Dieu Trinh

Then the two sisters went to Da Lat night market (also known as Am Phu market) located in the heart of Da Lat city on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street. The night market is open from 6pm every day and closes at 7-8am the next morning. The place attracts visitors thanks to the diversity of cuisines such as grilled rice paper, grilled corn and potatoes, porridge, noodles and rice spaghetti. The night market also offers many fresh fruits, including strawberries and regional typical teas such as Oolong tea, Artichoke tea, Bitter melon tea and so on. Besides, salted dry apricot and jams (such as ones made from strawberry, plum, tomato) are kinds of specialty you should try.

In the evening, they went to the hotel to relax and prepare for the next day's journey.

Day 2


“Steamed Rice Paper with Chicken Intestine” is the dish you should try when coming to Dalat. Photo: Zing

The two sisters had breakfast at Long Steamed Rice Paper with Chicken Intestine at Alley 202, Lot A16 KQH Phan Dinh Phung, Ward 2, Da Lat city. This place specializes in serving this dish and the food here is considered quite delicious. A bowl of Steamed Rice Paper with Chicken Intestine includes steamed rice paper made from diluted rice flour thinly steamed on a boiler, served with chicken salad and pork intestine, Vietnamese coriander, onions, and attractive young eggs. While enjoying it, you can feel the softness and fragrance of rice paper, the sweetness of chicken intestine, mingled with the light sweet and sour dipping sauce, coupled with a little spiciness of red hot chili and the strong aroma of herbs. Each serving is priced at about VND 25,000/bowl.


Dieu Trinh and her sister visited Tom's Persimmon Garden. Photo: Dieu Trinh

Next, the two sisters moved to Tom's Persimmon Garden at Khe Sanh street, Da Lat. Tom's Persimmon Garden is a place where visitors can not only see a series of persimmon trees that are decades old, but they can also enjoy delicious crispy persimmons - the specialty of this land. This garden also offers dried persimmons, which are usually bought as gifts by tourists for their loved ones. The Da Lat persimmon season usually starts from September to November annually, so you should travel at this time to see this special garden. It is noted that the entrance fee is VND 20,000/person.


Horizon cafe. Photo: Dieu Trinh

After that, they moved to the beautiful Horizon cafe to relax. This place attracts visitors thanks to its location on a high hill with fresh and cool air. If you come here early in the morning, you can admire the mist around the beautiful pine forest.

In the afternoon, they came to the restaurant "Kitchen 1985" to enjoy traditional Vietnamese dishes such as stew fish, boiled water spinach, pickle soup and so on.


Buddha's hand in Hoa Son Dien Trang. Photo: Dieu Trinh


This destination has a large space and beautiful nature. Photo: Dieu Trinh

In the afternoon, both of them went to Hoa Son Dien Trang located at 159 Ward 5, about 8km from the center of Da Lat city. The destination is on the 752 provincial road, connecting Da Lat city and Ta Nung town in Lam Ha district. As an ecotourism area, Hoa Son Dien Trang brings visitors a feeling of relaxation due to its large and airy natural landscape. The most prominent thing here is the Buddha's hand made from old forest tree fibers, from which you can see the vast and spacious hill. There are also cherry blossoms from Japan planted here - which usually bloom around January, creating a romantic space. Some other famous areas here include wooden houses on the tree, waterfall and campsite on a 7-storey waterfall.


The outstanding yellow wall of “Windmill Bakery”. Photo: Dieu Trinh


The bakery offers a wide range of attractive products for you to choose. Photo: agotourist

Next, the two girls stopped at Windmill Bakery (at 1A, Hoa Binh, Ward 1, Da Lat) to take pictures. The bakery has become the destination of many visitors thanks to its diverse menu and the crispy and sweet taste of breads. You should try garlic chicken bread, chicken bread with soy sauce, bread with spring rolls, bread with fried eggs, etc. with prices ranging from VND 15,000 - 30,000/each. Windmill Bakery also has a very prominent yellow wall, attracting many visitors coming here to take pictures.

In the evening, they had grilled food and hot pot at Sau Hit restaurant and then came back to relax after a day travelling.

Day 3


A building in the shape of wildflowers in Lam Vien Square. Photo: dulichdalat


Next to the building is a building in the shape of an artichoke flower bud. Photo: Dieu Trinh

In the morning, the two sisters took pictures at Lam Vien Square. This place was built in 2009 and put into operation in 2016 with an area of 72,000 square meters. The most prominent thing of the square is the building in the shape of wildflowers - the typical flower of the “city of fog” - with a height of 18m, covering an area of about 1,200m2 with the capacity of 1,500 seats. Next to this building is another building in the shape of an artichoke flower bud - also a typical flower in this land. There is a spacious cafe inside, surrounded by blue and yellow tempered glass spiraling upwards. Coming to Lam Vien Square, you also have the opportunity to enjoy many rustic snacks such as grilled rice paper, hot soy milk, shaking mango/strawberry, fried fish balls and so on.

At noon, they stopped at the restaurant for lunch, then returned to the hotel to check out, visited the wildflowers next to the hotel, and finally went to the airport, ending the memorable 3-day and 2-night trip in the “dream city”.


Wildflowers bloom in Dalat in December. Photo: Dieu Trinh.

Dieu Trinh shared that they were very impressed with the bustling atmosphere, delicious and low-cost food, and beautiful sightseeing places in Da Lat. The two also fell in love with the fresh morning air here.

The trip of 3 days and 2 nights with a cost of about VND 3 million/person was not too long but full of joy and memories. Dieu Trinh and her sister had a good time together to discover and experience the “charming and poetic” Da Lat. The trip also helped the two to temporarily escape from work and study to have a proper day-off, enjoy moments and thereby better understand each other.

Notes when traveling to Da Lat

Dieu Trinh shared with some experiences for those who intend to visit this place:

- From November December, Da Lat's air is cold and dry, so you are advised to bring moisturizer and sunscreen.

- Always bring warm clothes as the weather in Dalat changes by hour: cold in the morning, hot at noon, and cold in the evening.

- Da Lat roads are steep and quite empty, so you should pay close attention when travelling by motorbike.