Suggestions for an interesting Phu Quoc travel in 3 days and 4 nights

Suggestions for an interesting Phu Quoc travel in 3 days and 4 nights

Can Tho - Kien Giang 04.06.2021

Thanks to the Phu Quoc travel experience shared by Nguyen Thuy Nhu, many people feel that going to the "pearl island" is now as easy as pie.

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Written by huongnt

Phu Quoc is a beautiful island located in Kien Giang province. This is also the largest island in Vietnam, which always draws the attention of both domestic and foreign tourists. The period from October to March is the most appropriate time to travel to Phu Quoc as the weather is dry and warm, making it suitable for many interesting activities.

phu quoc12.jpg

Nhu chose to travel to Phu Quoc in the dry season in November, convenient for sightseeing. Photo: Nguyen Thuy Nhu

Nguyen Thuy Nhu (26 years old, working as a salesman for a travel company) chose to travel to Phu Quoc in mid-November 2019. Sharing with, Thuy Nhu said: “I chose to go to Phu Quoc as there are many beautiful islands. Also, the sea was very clear while the weather was pleasant during the dry season in Phu Quoc. The most impressive thing on this island was the beautiful sunset”.

phu quoc3.jpg

Before traveling, Nhu did a lot of research on Phu Quoc travel through reviews. Photo: Nguyen Thuy Nhu

Before going to Phu Quoc, the young girl took advantage of the information from travel forums as well as reviews on Phu Quoc tourism. She also self-planned this trip 4 months in advance to "hunt" cheap flight tickets.

Take a look at Phu Quoc travel experience from Thuy Nhu's 3-day-4-night itinerary:

Flight tickets:

Thanks to her early planning, Thuy Nhu "hunted" for a ticket of “VND 0” with the round-trip price of only VND 1 million.

Commuting on the island:

While visiting Phu Quoc Island, Thuy Nhu rented a taxi. She suggested Saigon Taxi due to its low price and availability. She said that you should tell the driver your itinerary during the day and then ask for the fare. If it is reasonable, then you can go on your trip. This way is much cheaper than charging by meter with separate trips.

Schedule, accommodation and places to visit in Phu Quoc:

Thuy Nhu's trip took place in 4 days and 3 nights, including 3 days and 2 nights at Phu Quoc Vinpearl Resort and Golf.

Day 1-2 and the morning of the 3rd day

Nhu bought a voucher to stay 3 days and 2 nights at Phu Quoc Vinpearl Resort and Golf with 3 buffets/day, including entertainment at Vinpearl Land, Safari, and a round trip from the airport with VND 3.2 million/room/night for 2 adults. Based on her evaluation, Vinpearl Phu Quoc is indeed a “resort paradise” in Vietnam with beautiful scenery, good service, and polite and enthusiastic staff; rooms here are also spacious and clean with a large balcony, beautiful view, bathtub, and full of personal belongings such as iron, mini bar and refrigerator.

phu quoc5.jpg

She spent nearly 3 days at Phu Quoc Vinpearl Resort and Golf - with modern facilities and beautiful scenery. Photo: Nguyen Thuy Nhu

During the stay at Vinpearl Resort, you can use the free services such as hot tub, steambath and sauna. There are also large European-style swimming pools and small pools for children with hot tubs.

Thuy Nhu shared that this place is suitable for families with small children due to the availability of children's clubs, babysitting service, games for children, and classes teaching skills such as swimming, baking, golf and so on.

In the resort, there is a clean and beautiful beach with smooth sand, very suitable for swimming or walking.

phu quoc6.jpg

Beautiful beach in the resort. Photo: Nguyen Thuy Nhu

During 3 days and 2 nights at Phu Quoc Vinpearl Resort and Golf, Thuy Nhu had the opportunity to visit the famous Vinpearl Land amusement park. “I was overwhelmed because the amusement park was very large; people stayed there all day as they were participating in a diverse range of indoor and outdoor games, going to movie theaters, water parks, aquariums...”, said Thuy Nhu.

phu quoc2.jpg

phu quoc.jpg

The amusement parks in the resort. Photo: Nguyen Thuy Nhu

Visitors can also visit the zoo (by bus) to see the wildlife with a feeling of being extremely close to nature.

phu quoc4.jpg

With a very large amusement park, visitors can freely experience and explore. Photo: Nguyen Thuy Nhu

Regarding dining in the resort, Thuy Nhu said that there were 3 buffet meals per day here, with a variety of delicious food ranging from Asian to European dishes.

Day 3:

On the third morning, she left Phu Quoc Vinpearl Resort and Golf for the homestay “The Fish” with a rate of VND 400,000/room/2 people. It is noted that this homestay is also a coffee shop decorated with a warm design.

phu quoc16.jpg

Homestay where Nhu stayed has a warm space. Photo: Nguyen Thuy Nhu.

In the afternoon, she bought a ticket to Hon Thom cable car with the price of VND 150,000/person/round trip. Hon Thom cable car connects An Thoi town with Hon Thom island in An Thoi archipelago, Phu Quoc district, Kien Giang province. This cable car is recognized by the Guinness Organization as the longest Cable Car in the world with a total length of 7,899.9m. It has 6 towers, 2 stations with 69 cabins; each cabin can accommodate 30 guests with a travel time of only 15 minutes to Hon Thom. The cable car ticket price is VND 300,000/adult/round trip, VND 250,000/child from 1m - 1.4m high, while children under 1m will be free of charge.

phu quoc14.jpg

Hon Thom Station. Photo: Photo: Nguyen Thuy Nhu


The cable car to Hon Thom. Photo: tourcantho

Hon Thom is a pristine island with enchanting beauty. Visitors can swim in Bai Nam, Bai Nom, Bai Chuong or Bai Chao beaches - which "fascinate" visitors thanks to their clear blue water, white sand and long rows of coconut trees. In the south of Bai Nam and Bai Chuong, there are green and red roofs as well as colorful fishing boats of locals, creating an idyllic working scene in the middle of the sea.


Bai Nom in Phu Quoc with its clear blue water. Photo: phuquoccity

Visitors can participate in fishing squid and herring at night to better understand the livelihood of fishermen. The feeling of waiting, then delighting and elated by catching a fresh squid will be an unforgettable experience. The fee for a night of squid fishing tour is about VND 250,000/person, including dinner and sunset watching on board.

Another interesting activity in Hon Thom is scuba diving to see the coral at Ky Lan Cape. You will be surprised with the rich underwater vegetation, especially the colorful coral reefs. Ky Lan Cape has a sea level of up to 30m, so visitors need to have good health and skills to explore the seabed.


Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park with many thrilling games. Photo: honthom.sunworld

If you want to relax with thrilling games, coming to Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park with many games such as “tropical cyclones”, “mang xa phi lao” and “tiny snakes” is not a bad choice. Paragliding experience on the sea is also a thrilling game that you should definitely try.

After that, Thuy Nhu returned to Phu Quoc to experience Sunset Sanato with the ticket price of VND 70,000/person. Despite being newly opened, this place has received a lot of love from visitors coming to Phu Quoc thanks to its unique landscapes. It is also a romantic place for sunset viewing that you cannot ignore. Thuy Nhu noted that you should avoid going to Sunset Sanato on weekends due to the high volume of visitors; you should come early and take pictures when it is sunny to have clearer and more beautiful photos; while at sunset, you should only record videos.

phu quoc10.jpg

Sunset Sanato has many unique landscapes in the sea to help attract tourists. Photo: Nguyen Thuy Nhu.

In the evening, she went to Phu Quoc night market, ate seafood and drank smoothies. The night market is located in the center of Duong Dong town and it is also the center of Phu Quoc Island. The market was established in 2016 due to the merger of Dinh Cau and Bach Dang night market. It opens from 17:00 and closes at 23:00 daily. Phu Quoc Night Market is famous for many delicious and attractive dishes, especially fresh seafood dishes such as squid, crab, sea urchin, snails, fish and scallops. They are processed into many different dishes such as being grilled with onion oil, grilled with cheese, boiled or salad. Coming here, you also have the opportunity to enjoy the famous snacks of the Southwest region such as grilled rice paper, grilled skewers, bread, shrimp rolls, squid skewers with vegetables and so on. This place also has a specialty candy in the shape of a thread made from sweet and fragrant malt.

Day 4:

On the last day, Thuy Nhu had breakfast at Bun Quay Kien Xay. Bun Quay, also known as fresh seafood rice noodles, originates from shrimp noodle in the Central of Vietnam and it has been sold in Phu Quoc for a long time. The dish here has been modified to suit the taste of the local people on the island. The first noodle shop opened here is in Kien Xay, near Dinh Cau and it has attracted a large number of customers thanks to its unique taste.


An attractive bowl of noodles in Phu Quoc. Photo: dulichannam

To make this kind of noodles, people puree shrimp, then sweep a layer on the bottom of the bowl, then quickly pour the boiling broth into the bowl and stir up the shrimp with chopsticks until it’s well-done. Perhaps that is the reason for its name Bun Quay (Stirring Noodles). A bowl of Phu Quoc noodle soup will consist mainly of seafood such as fish, shrimp, squid, and coriander, served with rich broth from stewed bones. The special thing is that customers will be able to observe the whole process of making this dish from the moment of ordering, so everyone feels enjoyable coming to Kien Xay.

After enjoying the dish, Nhu returned home and her Phu Quoc tour in 4 days and 3 nights ended.

The total cost of Thuy Nhu's trip to Phu Quoc is about VND 5.5 million/person. She shared with “I was very pleased with the trip because not only could I see the beautiful scenery and have fun, but I could also enjoy countless delicious dishes there. If there is another chance, I will return to Phu Quoc”.


Photo: Nguyen Thuy Nhu