Visiting the beautiful “bubble house” in Moc Chau

Visiting the beautiful “bubble house” in Moc Chau

Son La - Dien Bien 04.06.2021

The appearance of the bubble house in Moc Chau makes travel lovers even more eager to come to this charming plateau land.

Translated by nguyendo

Written by huongnt

According to photo model Duyen Cao's sharings with, Moc Chau bubble house is located on the campus of Chimi Farm base 2, near the “heart tea hill” in Moc Chau town, Son La province. Although the house was just opened in early 2020, it has left travel addicts a strong impression.


Duyen Cao had one day to visit the Moc Chau bubble house. Photo: Duyen Cao

Since its appearance on social networks, the unique house has attracted a large number of visitors coming here.

What is special about the bubble house in Moc Chau?


While common bubble houses are fully furnished like a hotel room, this one has haystacks neatly arranged in the bubble house in Moc Chau to feature a farm. Photo: Duyen Cao

While common bubble houses are fully furnished like a hotel room, there are only haystacks neatly arranged in the bubble house in Moc Chau. The bubble house here is constructed for visitors to sightsee and take photos, so the simplicity and low cost is prioritized. Situated in the middle of a strawberry farm with a green and large space, Moc Chau bubble house stands out, and becomes even more beautiful and attractive.

Other interesting activities

While the bubble house is found to be the most attractive place on the farm in Moc Chau, there are a range of other activities you can take part in.


You can try picking strawberries on the farm. Photo: Duyen Cao


Or participate in gardening activities as a “real farmer”. Photo: Duyen Cao

With up to 6ha of strawberries here, you can experience working as a farmer to harvest and enjoy the fresh red strawberries. The farm will give you a bamboo basket and you can pick strawberries as you want. The fruits will be then classified and weighed for checkout. It is noted that the price of strawberries for type one and two here is VND 350,000 and 240,000/kg respectively. Besides fresh strawberries, you also have the opportunity to try strawberry products such as smoothie or yogurt made from this farm. The feeling of enjoying fresh strawberries on the spot is interesting and it gives you a sense of being “close” to nature.


"Stairway to heaven" is an interesting place here. Photo: Duyen Cao

You can also visit the stair to heaven - another interesting place attracting many tourists to this strawberry farm. This is actually a stair made of wood, painted white and built upwards. From some angles, the stair looks like a very impressive ladder up to the sky.


There is also a clean vegetable farm with cherry tomatoes, so you can visit and take photos in this area. Photo: Duyen Cao

There is also a clean vegetable farm with cherry tomatoes, so you can visit and take photos in this area. In the midst of a vast space, being immersed in the fresh and vibrant scene of a green vegetable garden and a pine forest is a wonderful experience, which can help you escape from the chaos of life.


Heart Tea Hill is a place near Moc Chau bubble house that you should visit. Photo: royaltourist

In addition to Chimi Strawberry Farm, you can visit the heart tea hill 500m away. Suggested by its name, this tea hill is unique due to the impressive heart-shaped tea rows. The period from February to December is the ideal time for you to pay a visit as the whole hill will be covered by the green. From March to April, the buds of tea start to grow, making the whole space of Moc Chau filled with vitality as wearing a new green coat. The most beautiful time of day to go to the tea hill is at either dawn or dusk when it is surrounded by mist, making the scene magical. Besides seeing the green natural picture, you can also experience picking tea like real workers and hear them tell simple stories of their life here.

Costs for visiting and taking photos at Moc Chau bubble house

According to Duyen Cao, it is completely free to visit and take photos with the bubble house in Moc Chau currently. You just need to prepare brilliant outfits with appropriate accessories to have gorgeous photos.


Duyen Cao feels very happy and excited after her visit to Moc Chau Bubble House. Photo: Duyen Cao.

How to travel to Moc Chau bubble house


Moc Chau bubble house is located in Chimi Strawberry Farm 2. Photo: Duyen Cao

As the bubble house in Moc Chau is located on the farm, you should find the way to Chimi Strawberry Farm 2. As instructed by Duyen Cao, from the center of Moc Chau town, ask local people for directions to O To Slope (opposite the Bridal Shop). There will be a road leading to the heart tea hill in Ngu Dong Ban On area, then you can find a sign to the strawberry farm. This place is about 9km from Nong Truong town and about 15km from Moc Chau town.

After visiting the farm in Moc Chau, taking photos and experiencing interesting activities here, Duyen Cao shared with that she felt very happy and excited. Just spent a day exploring the farm and she had so much fun and simple but impressive moments amidst the green natural scenery.