All the attractions and good food in Ninh Binh everyone should know

All the attractions and good food in Ninh Binh everyone should know

Ninh Binh 19.06.2020

Why does Ninh Binh emerge as a "tourist phenomenon"? It is because of the charming scenery and diverse culinary culture. Let's discover with at once!

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In recent years, Ninh Binh has emerged as an extremely attractive tourist destination. Every check-in photo in Ninh Binh posted by youngsters is highly appreciated by others viewing them. Do you know the reason why Ninh Binh attracts millions of domestic and international tourists annually? Let's discover with

Ninh Binh - the magnificent but tranquil beauty


Photo: @kucirkovav

Visitors coming to Ninh Binh will definitely fall in love with the wild and magnificent beauty of any tourist attractions there at first sight. It is beyond question that you will find every beauty spot captivating. Let's discover some of the most attractive destinations.

Trang An Landscape Complex - Tam Coc - Bich Dong - Hoa Lu Ancient Citadel

Located throughout 4 districts including Hoa Lu, Gia Vien, Ninh Binh, Nho Quan, Trang An covers an area of 10,000 hectares. This complex is composed of Trang An, Tam Coc, Bich Dong and Hoa Lu Ancient Citadel. On a boat, you will be surprised and overwhelmed by countless breathtaking scenes in front of your eyes. Hence, it was chosen as the movie set of the blockbuster “Kong: Skull Island".

Trang An is rated by tourism websites as a "Ha Long Bay on land" because it is surrounded by limestone mountain ranges. In total, Trang An Landscape Complex has 48 caves which are both underwater and terrestrial with a total length of over 12 kilometers. There is a diverse ecosystem with  577 plant species, of which 10 are in Vietnam’s Red Book.


Overview of Trang An Landscape Complex. Photo:

When visiting Tam Coc, you will feel like you are lost in a fairy tale. On the ceiling of the caves, there are stalactites shimmering like iridescent pearls. Especially, the stunning stalagmites and stalactite in many shapes and colors keep shining and sparkling, making Tam Coc even more beautiful and picturesque


Rice harvest period in Tam Coc. Photo:

In Sino-Vietnamese language, “Bich Dong" means "Turquoise Cave”. Through the name, you can partly imagine its magical beauty. It is the shape, color and sound of the stalactites that create the typical features of Bich Dong. Any visitor coming here will want to touch the stalactites to satisfy their curiosity.

If you are content enough after having visited the beautiful scenery, you should spend some time discovering a little more about this Vietnam's historical monument - Hoa Lu Ancient Citadel. In fact, this is a national monument related to the three feudal historical dynasties of Vietnam in the 10th and 11th centuries. You can visit the walls, palaces, shrines and temples there. The citadel is protected by a very solid limestone mountain range.


The Ancient Citadel of Hoa Lu is a famous tourist attraction. Photo:

Mua Cave

Located at the foot of Mua Mountain, Mua Cave belongs to the tourism complex of Khe Dau Ha village, Ninh Xuan commune. Mua Cave wins the hearts of many visitors because of its captivating natural scenery. You can see cloudy skies and mountains from a distance like in a movie. If possible, you should try enjoying the sunset on the peak of Mua Mountain. We can assure that you will not be disappointed.


 Check-in photo in Mua Cave. Photo:


Photo: @trip_n_9u

Bai Dinh Pagoda

Bai Dinh Pagoda is also a very attractive tourist destination which is just 15 kilometers from Ninh Binh city. Bai Dinh Pagoda is the largest temple in Vietnam with many records. On visiting Bai Dinh pagoda, not only can you see the first tallest and heaviest bronze Buddha statue in Vietnam, but also the largest Trikaya (the set of three Buddha statues) and well inside a pagoda in the country.


Photo: @lorearoundtheworld

No matter how many temples you have visited in Vietnam or how many Arhat statues you have seen, the number of stone Arhat statues in Bai Dinh pagoda will surely surpass your accumulated figures.


Ancient Bai Dinh pagoda. Photo:

Ninh Binh cuisine - unforgettable from the first try

Not only does Ninh Binh attract tourists to its beautiful scenery, but it also leaves them a good impression thanks to its specialties with a very unique “Ninh Binh flavor”.

Mountain goat meat

Why is the goat meat of Ninh Binh so delicious that visitors recommend it as a must-try specialty when coming there? Because instead of confining goats in shelters like in other areas, locals make them live freely in the mountains, making the meat extremely firm and chewy. A variety of dishes can be made from goat meat such as steamed goat, grilled goat, and the most famous “goat meat with ginger sauce”, which is a nutritious dish full of aromatic flavor. Enjoying goat meat is not only to satisfy your appetite, but the nutrients included are also good for your health, which can cure many diseases. That’s why you should definitely try it at least once in your lifetime.


Delicate taste of Ninh Binh's mountain goat meat. Photo:

Steamed glutinous rice with ant eggs

Do you think that this name sounds quite unique? Ninh Binh ant eggs are exploited in the limestone mountains of Nho Quan district. After being brought back home, ant eggs are washed, seasoned and stir-fried. Stir-fried ant eggs will be served on a plate of steamed glutinous rice with some fried red onion. You can find the harmonization of the dish from the aroma of onion, the fatty taste of ant eggs and the tasty flavor of steamed glutinous rice. 


Steamed glutinous rice with ant eggs - a specialty of Ninh Binh. Photo:

Nhech raw fish salad

It would be a pity if you have come to Ninh Binh without trying this dish. The fish is processed through many stages to eliminate the fishy smell. When eating, you can feel the sweetness of fish mixed with the fragrance of sticky rice. You cannot enjoy its full flavor without a small bowl of spicy sauce made from lemongrass, chili and pepper.


Nhech raw fish salad - unforgettable from the first try. Photo:

Ninh Binh floating rice cake

After enjoying the main dishes, you should try some desserts. A special dish which is highly recommended is Ninh Binh floating rice cake, which brings its own unique flavor thanks to the secret of the locals when combining sugar, honey and peanuts. Ninh Binh floating rice cake has the smells of chrysanthemum leaves and grapefruit flowers, so when enjoying, you can feel the soft, elegant and strange flavors, which are extremely tasty.


Lightly sweet Ninh Binh floating rice cake. Photo:

Within about 2 days of visiting Ninh Binh, you will gradually understand and feel all the things that has just shared above. Discover and contemplate to explain the attraction of Ninh Binh on your own.