Attractive tourist destinations in Vung Tau making you want to travel right away

Attractive tourist destinations in Vung Tau making you want to travel right away

Vung Tau 14.10.2020

Are you planning to travel to Vung Tau but still struggling to find beautiful places? Then you can consider these attractions that is sharing with you below - you will definitely have many memorable experiences.

Translated by nguyendo

Written by thyltp

The lighthouse

Located on Tao Phung mountain, the road known as "the lighthouse" has become a popular location for tourists. This is a result of the beautiful scenery and photos which can be captured on the walk through the area. This famous location cannot be ignored for any photo fanatic when coming to the coastal city of Vung Tau.


The road to the lighthouse is a must-visit place. Photo:

Blue Stone Lake

This attraction is rather interesting as a result of its rather poetic vibe that could be linked to something out of a historical movie, which can make you feel very excited while being immersed in the airy and green scenery. At Blue Stone Lake your photos will be beautiful regardless of where you choose to take them. Tourists can pose on the swing, white fences, floating bridge, flower boat and so on with the cost of VND 20,000 for each person. Please note that tourists are advised to only take photos and not venture into the lake, as bathing in it can be rather dangerous.


Shimmering Blue Stone Lake. Photo:

The Marina

This is the first marina of Vung Tau city, which has attracted many domestic and foreign tourists. Thanks to the harmonious coordination between the yellow bridge and the yachts floating on the water, the background is extremely beautiful. You can even deceive your friends by saying you are in the west and they will definitely believe it, due to how familiar the scenery is!


The Marina is a super captivating sightseeing spot that few people know.


The sheep field by Nghe river

This field is used by some local households to raise the sheep bred in the area. The road “Phuoc Tan - Hoi Bai”, across the Suoi Nghe commune in Chau Duc district has gradually become a popular destination for young people and couples planning to take wedding photos. Thanks to the lovely sheep, photos taken have a poetic and unique feel to them, which can make them stand out a lot compared to other destinations. The fee for visiting and taking photos ranges from VND 50,000 to 150,000 for each group of guests.


Taking photos with lovely sheep. Photo:

The Korean dried tree path

Next to the famous paperflower path near Binh An village, this gentle and beautiful dried tree path has left many young people fascinated. As these two paths are located next to each other, it is very convenient to visit both of them. This dried tree path is deserted quite a lot of the time and is most beautiful at around 2-3 pm, at which time you can go to capture lots of fascinating photos.


Gently beautiful dried tree path. Photo:

Bach Dinh

Bach Dinh is a mansion built by the French, which maintains a bold European architecture, while having a mix of some classic and elegant features. The name Bach Dinh comes from the white color of the mansion, which makes the building look ancient, but luxurious.. Around the villa, there are many white plumeria, making the magical space even more impressive.


The white building bearing the European architecture. Photo:

The Imperial Hotel

Address: 159 Thuy Van, Thang Tam Ward, Vung Tau City, Ba Ria - Vung Tau.

The Imperial is a luxury hotel system in many cities as well as in Vung Tau for those who want to experience the first-class comfortable room system.


The interior scene is as beautiful as it is in Europe. Photo:

Nghinh Phong Cape

Nghinh Phong Cape is the next place you will want to stop by, because of the cool and pleasant climate with beautiful scenery. Nghinh Phong Cape has two famous beaches called Vong Nguyet and Huong Phong. Due to their strong waves, which can be quite dangerous, you should consider carefully before bathing here. If you are not confident in your swimming ability, it would be a safer idea to stick to the shore and take a few photos, which should still leave you satisfied.

To travel to Nghinh Phong Cape, go to the famous statue of the god stretching his arm, which is opposite an abandoned cafe. From the coffee shop, go straight ahead and you'll find the steps leading to the sea.

mui nghinh phong.jpg

Nghinh Phong cape - The heaven gate in Vung Tau. Photo:

Coc Lake

While you can swim in Coc lake and walk around in the shade, tourists interested in taking unique photos should also do some posing on the large and small rocks, which are scattered or clustered in groups. The feeling of sitting on rocks, breathing the salty taste of the sea in the sunset light is really breathtaking and should not be left as an opportunity missed.

ho coc.jpg

Peaceful scene at Coc Lake. Photo:

Vung Tau Great Mountain

The road up to the Great Mountain has trees on both sides that provide some very romantic scenery,, especially in autumn. When you reach the Great Mountain, you will be able to view the very beautiful panorama of Vung Tau, featuring the immense sea, crowded houses and streets, green forests and small houses by the cliffs.



Both sides of the road to the Great Mountain. Photo:

When you travel, having nice photos to bring home is a must! We are sure that the 10 places suggested above which has just shared to you will not leave you disappointed with your trip. Thank you for reading this article.