5 extremely beautiful cloud-hunting places for visitors in Vietnam

5 extremely beautiful cloud-hunting places for visitors in Vietnam

Son La - Dien Bien Lao Cai Lai Chau 12.08.2020

The Northwest of Vietnam is a special land, offering wonderful visual and emotional experiences that you will definitely never forget. Let's go with Nem-vn.net to experience the beautiful cloud-hunting season with mountains and forests of the Northwest.

Translated by nguyendo

Written by giangdt

“Northwest? It is not only Northwest

When my heart turned the ships

When the Fatherland came to sing

Right in my heart lies the Northwest”

(Excerpt from the poem "Singing and the ship" - Che Lan Vien)

Northwest is always a beautiful land in literature, but have you ever set foot and fully explored that poetic beauty yet? If not then do not miss the charming Northwest locations below and you will certainly feel more clearly in every unique destination of this land!

O Quy Ho Pass

The pass is named after O Quy Ho village, located next to the 4D highway of Hoang Lien Son range. O Quy Ho is one of the four greatest mountain passes in Vietnam. As the longest pass, it will offer the most majestic and overwhelming scenery for the passionate racers wanting to conquer the rugged roads in the Northwest. Going up to the peak of the pass and you can enjoy the whole landscape there without any disappointments. 

ảnh 1 (3).jpg

O Quy Ho - the legendary pass of the Northwest. Photo: luxstay.com

The distance between the central market of Sapa town and the peak of the pass is around 15 kilometers. You will travel through locations such as Silver waterfall, Love waterfall and eventually the top of the pass. O Quy Ho Peak is also regarded as the Heaven Gate by locals. The sunset right on the top of O Quy Ho is truly a rare sight because the sky at the Heaven Gate brings a colorful scene at this time, which is very much worth capturing.

cung đường Ô Quy Hồ.jpg

O Quy Ho - one of four great passes. Photo: vietravel.com

Ta Xua

Ta Xua is about 200 kilometers from Hanoi in Ta Xua commune, Bac Yen, Son La. Being in the top of 10 highest mountain peaks in Vietnam, Ta Xua is the lowest one surrounded by higher mountain ranges, which leads to a dense level of clouds covering, resulting in a surprisingly attractive sea of clouds.

ảnh 3.jpg

Ta Xua dinosaur backbone. Photo: vietravel.com

Tourists coming here always have a feeling of standing on a majestic sea of clouds with the waves rushing into the cliffs. Looking down from an altitude of 2,800 meters, Ta Xua peak appears like a lying dinosaur. With the medium temperature on sunny days, it is the ideal time for "cloud hunters" to capture photos with beautiful moments. The road to the top of Ta Xua, which is not very craggy, is filled with many valleys, rivers, streams and a worth-seeing lush green vegetation along the way.

ảnh 4.jpg

Ta Xua sea of clouds. Photo: traveloka.com


Fansipan, which is also known as Phanxipang, was addressed as the "Roof of Indochina". Don't worry about this name because it is now very convenient to travel to Fansipan with the support of the aerial tramway. For sightseeing, you should come to Fansipan in the summer with sunny weather to sit on the sky tram and fully enjoy the majestic nature there.

ảnh 5.jpg

Fansipan - the foggy roof of Indochina. Photo: dulichvietnam.com.vn

There are only 10 rare days of the year to have a sea of mist on Fansipan due to the geographical characteristics of the area. The climbing path to Fansipan is indeed a big challenge with many cliffs, trails, and the rapidly decreasing temperature opposed to the increasing height. In return, the majestic and beautiful landscape here will be a worthy reward for those who dare to put their efforts to conquer it. Staying overnight and catching the dawn with the mountains and forests of Fansipan will be definitely an unforgettable experience for visitors.

ảnh 6.jpg

Dawn on Fansipan. Photo: zing.vn

Bach Moc Luong Tu

Bach Moc Luong Tu is the name favored by tourists for the highest peak in the Ky Quan San mountain range located in the vicinity between Bat Xat district in Lao Cai province and Phong Tho district in Lai Chau province, Vietnam. Ky Quan San is also the name of a village at the foot of the mountain in Sang Ma Sao commune, Bat Xat district, Lao Cai. Bach Moc Luong Tu ranks fifth in the top 10 highest mountains in Vietnam. Although it is not the highest mountain, conquering Bach Moc Luong Tu is not an easy task for "cloud hunters".

check in BMLT.jpg

Bach Moc Luong Tu peak. Photo: zing.vn

In order to have the opportunity to enjoy the feeling of standing in the middle of the floating clouds of Bach Moc Luong Tu, you have to cross a distance of 30 kilometers of forest road. Although traveling through this road is hard, Nem-vn.net holds a strong belief that the "cloud hunters" will be very pleased with the reward of the majestic space with the view of a rolling sea of clouds when standing on the peak of the mountain. While it might be tempting to start at Bach Moc Luong Tu, you should try the simpler and flatter roads before journeying through the mountain range. 

ảnh 8.jpg

The majestic sea of clouds on the peak of Bach Moc Luong Tu. Photo: travel.com

Y Ty

Y Ty is located in the west of Bat Xat district, Lao Cai. In September and October, Y Ty will be covered with a yellow shirt of terraced fields of ripe rice, while April holds its best cloud season in the following year.

em bé Y Tý.png

Kids on Y Ty street. Photo: hayditour.vn

When coming to Y Ty, visiting Lao Than is a must, as it is a mere 7 kilometers from the center of Y Ty. Lying at an altitude of 2,860 meters above sea level, Lao Than is considered the roof of the border commune Y Ty, and as a result, it can be said that the only purpose of going to Y Ty and Lao Than is to "hunt clouds". On a good day, high moisture with the cold air in the valley will offer you a chance to be immersed in a magical landscape with a sea of clouds right under your feet.

Lảo Thẩn.jpg

The sea of clouds on the peak of Lao Than - Y Ty. Photo: fantasea.vn

The peak of Lao Than - Y Ty gives visitors the feeling of standing on the ninth cloud. It is noted that the climate in Y Ty is often quite cold, even in the summer because of the low temperature in a high position compared to the sea level. We advise you to make careful preparations with warm clothes and food for a perfect trekking journey.

"Cloud hunting" is no longer a strange term for young people, especially visitors who are passionate about discovering and experiencing the rugged mountains of the Northwest. With the enthusiasm of youth, do not let your feet stop walking! Grab your backpack and go - to experience, explore and know how beautiful Vietnam is. Nem-vn.net hopes you will have a perfect experience with great feelings with the top 5 most attractive cloud-hunting spots in the Northwest through the article.