Unknown things about Cu Lao Cham - the green plastic-free island of Vietnam

Unknown things about Cu Lao Cham - the green plastic-free island of Vietnam

Da Nang - Quang Nam 14.09.2020

If you are a travel addict, love to explore and experience, you have certainly heard of Cu Lao Cham Island. Together with Nem-vn.net discover the beautiful island and the reasons why Cu Lao Cham is gradually becoming the hottest destination in Quang Nam!

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Cu Lao Cham - the beautiful island of Quang Nam

Cu Lao Cham, which is a group of islands in Tan Hiep commune, Hoi An city, Quang Nam province, is located 15 kilometers from Cua Dai Beach. In recent years, this island has become a popular tourist destination for tourists visiting Da Nang - Quang Nam. With the pristine beauty, the green of the sea and the hospitality of the people here, Cu Lao Cham is definitely a beauty spot not to be missed.


Cu Lao Cham is located just 15 kilometers from Cua Dai Beach. Photo: baophapluat.vn

Cu Lao Cham is also regarded as the plastic-free island as you will not be able to find any trace of plastic bags when coming here. You are unable to bring them from the mainland because the marine environment and organism are considered friends by the islanders. This is understandable because plastic bags are potential items with a very high risk of causing pollution.

According to many indigenous people, when plastic bags were still used on the island previously, they were often thrown away into the sea, which not only caused pollution, but also led to the deaths of many marine creatures, especially sea turtles, as they misunderstood the plastic bags as food. Since then, plastic bags have become a completely banned item on Cu Lao Cham Island, which can be easily realized when you do the shopping here. The seller will always wrap your stuff in newspapers, banana leaves, terminalia catappa leaves or cloth bags instead of plastic bags. Thanks to this strictness, Cu Lao Cham can be considered as an extremely beautiful, green and clean beach of Vietnam.

du-lich-cu-lao-cham-anh 2.jpg

Cu Lao Cham - the island without plastic bags. Photo: @imhaiphan

Guidance to travel to Cu Lao Cham

The most suitable time for tourists to visit Cu Lao Cham is from March to October when the weather is sunny and less stormy, hence you can enjoy many tourism services and bathing in the sea. Apart from this period, the weather in Cu Lao Cham often experiences storms and rough seas, making it difficult to go offshore.

Depending on the needs and interests of visitors, you can choose different forms of transportation.

By canoe

This mode of transportation is very suitable if you do not want to spend a lot of time traveling and want to experience the feeling of canoeing. With only 15-20 minutes, you can set your foot on the beautiful Cu Lao Cham island, however, the cost of traveling by canoe is not as cheap as other forms of transportation.


- Returning within the day: VND 350,000/person. This cost includes tickets to visit Cu Lao Cham and ecological fees on the island

- Returning on other days: VND 450,000/person

Where to buy tickets: You can review Cu Lao Cham tours or buy directly at the ticket counters at Cua Dai wharf. Alternatively, you can ask the homestay owner where you stay (if staying overnight) to buy a ticket and they will take you to the canoe.

Time: From 8am, there are a large number of canoes operating within the day to meet all travel needs of visitors.

du-lich-cu-lao-cham-anh 3.jpg

Going to Cu Lao Cham by canoe will save time. Photo: @_leewhdgud87

By wooden boat:

This mode of traveling to Cu Lao Cham takes quite a lot of time, but it is suitable for those who want to spend time watching the sea. The cost is also reasonable if you want to save travel costs. You can also bring your motorbike from the mainland by wooden boat with the time for each trip of about 1 - 1.5 hour.

Time: 8:30 am; 14:00 pm.

Where to buy tickets: Cua Dai wharf

Cost: VND 80,000/single ticket/Vietnamese visitor.

Bringing motorbikes to the island: VND 30,000/each motorbike/single ticket/Vietnamese visitor; VND 100.000/each motorbike/single ticket/ international visitor.

du-lich-cu-lao-cham-anh 4.jpg

Choosing wooden boats to travel to Cu Lao Cham to save costs. Photo: travel.anandi.vn

Cu Lao Cham - an increasingly attractive tourist destination

Cu Lao Cham is famous for its wild and idyllic beauty which is left relatively untouched. When it comes to going to the sea, the first thing that interests you is the beaches, which Cu Lao Cham has a number of. These include Ong beach, Lang beach, Bim beach, Chong beach and Huong beach. On Cu Lao Cham, you should rent a motorbike to move between locations conveniently, while also allowing you to view the beautiful coastline of Cu Lao Cham.

The rental cost: VND 100,000 - VND 120,000/each one/day.

If you want to experience camping overnight on the beach, you can use the beach tent services, whose costs can vary depending on the location. On average, you can be charged about VND 100,000 for a tent for 2 people each night.

du-lich-cu-lao-cham-anh 8.jpg

You can have beautiful photos at every corner of Cu Lao Cham. Photo: @phituyet28

Besides the beaches, you can also visit the Cu Lao Cham museum, Cham ancient well and Yen temple. In addition, Tan Hiep market is a favoured place to buy seafood and gifts for relatives by many tourists. Each location has its own characteristics of Cu Lao Cham people. Each item purchased here will be wrapped in banana leaves, terminalia catappa leaves and cloth bags.

du-lich-cu-lao-cham-anh 6.jpg

Ancient Cham well - a place not to be missed when visiting Cu Lao Cham. Photo: @Ngan

You can rent a boat to visit the islands in Cu Lao Cham which is surrounded by 7 different large and small islands. You can choose to rent the whole boat or join with other visitors.

Fee for renting: VND 600,000/boat/day (up to 10 people). You can choose to join with others or rent the whole boat to ensure the privacy.

If you just want to visit Yen Island alone, the rental fee for the boat would be VND 300,000/boat/day (up to 10 people).

du-lich-cu-lao-cham-anh 5.jpg

Diving and seeing corals in Cu Lao Cham. Photo: @5.9set

One of the things that many tourists want to experience in Cu Lao Cham is diving to see corals. The sea here is very blue and clear, so it is easy to dive down and see the beautiful corals. You can book a tour in advance or see the price at your homestay. Normally, the price for diving to see corals in Cu Lao Cham is VND 950,000/person/time.

du-lich-cu-lao-cham-anh 7.jpg

The blue and clear sea in Cu Lao Cham is suitable for diving. Photo: penterest.com

Enjoying seafood and local specialties is a must while at the beach. While you are at Cu Lao Cham, you can find familiar seafood like shrimp, crabs and snails, however you should also try some other specialties such as glutinous rice cake, one-sun-dried squid, sea urch and vegetables in the forests - which are quite famous and familiar on Cu Lao Cham.

You can choose to eat out at restaurants near the beach or have meals at your homestay. The cost for a meal at a homestay is around VND 120,000 - VND 150,000/person/meal. Also, you can go to the market on your own and ask the landlord to make some dishes with the cost around VND 50,000/person/meal.

du-lich-cu-lao-cham-anh 10.jpg

The cuisine at Cu Lao Cham will definitely impress you. Photo: @nttosh.273

Things you need to know when coming to Cu Lao Cham

To have a perfect trip to Cu Lao Cham, Nem-vn.net advises you to bear these things in mind:

- If you are prone to seasickness, you should choose to travel by canoe as traveling by wooden boat can waste a great amount of time due to its limited speed, thereby affecting your health.

- Before going to the island, please remember that you have to replace all the plastic bags by cloth bags, which can be bought at Cua Dai wharf at the price of VND 10,000 - 20,000 for each one.

du-lich-cu-lao-cham-anh 9.jpg

Prepare all necessities for your Cu Lao Cham trip. Photo: @bongg_sociu

- There is no road light at Cu Lao Cham at night, so you should bring a flashlight.

- Bring mosquito repellent cream.

- The road on Cu Lao Cham is quite steep and winding, so you should be careful when traveling by motorbike.

- Bring along allergy medicine and other common cold medicines to avoid bad situations.

- Bring enough cash to use because there are no ATMs on the island.

du-lich-cu-lao-cham-anh 11.jpg

Cu Lao Cham travel will be more wonderful if you are well-prepared. Photo: @_nonmeo

Nem-vn.net has provided you with many interesting things about the beautiful Cu Lao Cham island above. If you are a travel addict, especially discovering, this place is definitely not to be missed. Make a plan and experience the atmosphere on Cu Lao Cham yourself!