Fascinated by the most beautiful flower sightseeing spots in spring in Vietnam

Fascinated by the most beautiful flower sightseeing spots in spring in Vietnam

Son La - Dien Bien Ha Giang Lam Dong Vung Tau 14.10.2020

On the first days of the spring of the year, it would be wonderful to reward yourself with a trip to the lands full of flowers.

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Spring is the season for plants and flowers to sprout as the warm weather makes everything lush and blooming. That’s why visitors often prefer admiring flowers in this season more than others. Let's explore the attractive spring-flowers sightseeing spots with Nem-vn.net in Vietnam!

Da Lat

When referring to Dalat, many people will immediately think of the flower city, as they are “mesmerized” by the gorgeous beauty of hundreds of flowers blooming, especially on the first days of the year with an “unforgettable flower” - cherry blossoms. The beauty of cherry blossoms have become a unique feature of Da Lat tourism.


Photo: Thuy Thuy


Photo: Mon Nguyen

Many people also affirmed that seeing cherry blossoms means seeing Tet on the misty plateau city. On the days of blooming, the sweet pink color of cherry blossoms seems to make the whole space from the city center to the suburbs soft and gentle. The combination of beautiful small cherry blossoms with ancient wooden houses, coupled with the cold of Dalat, makes this place extremely romantic.


Photo: Dong Ngo

Some other places with cherry blossoms attracting many tourists today are the roads to Trai Mat, Xuan Huong Lake area, Tran Hung Dao street, Le Dai Hanh street, Xo Viet Nghe Tinh and the road to Cau Dat tea hill.

Besides cherry blossoms, coming to Dalat in the spring, visitors will also enjoy many more beautiful and fragrant flowers such as phalaenopsis, camellia, hydrangeas and so on.

Moc Chau

In the North, Moc Chau is one of the ideal places for you to enjoy the world on spring days with plum and apricot blossoms.

Moc Chau is known as the land of flowers in Son La province. In winter, Moc Chau is gorgeous with wild sunflowers and rapeseed flowers, while the pure white of plum and apricot blossoms will cover the whole land in spring.


Photo: Truong Trinh


Photo: Phan Truong


Photo: Phan Truong


Photo: Phan Truong

The beauty of these blossoms nestled in the warm sunshine and green foliage of the first days of the year makes Moc Chau more vivid than ever. Looking from a high position, these blossoms blooming in clusters and spreading out across valleys and hillsides create a white scene similar to floating clouds.

Some popular places to see plum and apricot blossoms are Long Sap port of entry, Na Lu plum valley, Mu Nau plum valley, the pine forest area of Ang village.

Ha Giang

Coming to Ha Giang on spring days, you will find this place as beautiful as a fairytale painting - a paradise located on earth with all kinds of colorful flowers: the crimson of peach blossoms, the white of plum blossoms, the bright yellow of rapeseed flowers. That’s why people often regard the spring as "the season of rock blossoming" because the gorgeous beauty of flower forests completely replaces the aridness of gravel.


Photo: onetour.vn


Photo: baomoi.com


Photo: baomoi.com

In addition to enjoying the lively spring scene, visitors coming to Ha Giang in this season can also visit Dong Van Old Town, Lung Cu flagpole, Happiness Street, while also having the opportunity to enjoy specialties such as “thang den”, local pork and highland steamed rice rolls.

Ha Giang is also an ideal place for visitors who do not like crowded and noisy cities or those who are nature lovers with a strong spirit for adventure.

Vung Tau

In the spring, the North is covered with the crimson of peach blossoms and the pure white of plum and apricot blossoms; the South is gorgeous with golden apricot blossoms; in Vung Tau, “do mai” flowers (binomial nomenclature: gliricidia maculata), which are one of the typical spring flowers in this beautiful coastal city, bloom everywhere. The sweet light pink color of “do mai” is a greeting from spring - an unexpected gift given to Vung Tau by nature.


Photo: dulichvietnam.com.vn


Photo: ivivu.com


Photo: tadiha.com

“Do mai” is also known as the fake cherry blossom as many people will be confused at first glance, but everyone will realize the difference by looking closely. “Do mai” blooms in clusters and has a light pink or pure white color with a mild fragrance.

Coming to Vung Tau, visitors can choose many destinations to see “do mai” - typically along the Nuoc Ngot Pass, the road from Long Hai to Phuoc Hai or the way to Minh Dam Mountain.


Photo: baomoi.com

Nem-vn.net has suggested some ideal places to admire flowers in the spring. Hope you, your family and friends will have fun spring travel plans in these destinations.