Detailed travel itinerary in Quang Ninh for visitors to discover freely

Detailed travel itinerary in Quang Ninh for visitors to discover freely

Quang Ninh - Hai Phong 12.08.2020

Together with discover Quang Ninh travel experiences from A to Z to have the best travel and culinary experience here.

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Located in the Northeast of the S-shaped country, Quang Ninh is always an attractive destination for both the domestic and international tourists. Endowed by nature with countless famous landscapes, romantic stretching beaches and diverse culinary culture, Quang Ninh is bound to be a great destination, bringing about many interesting experiences for you. Are you planning to explore Quang Ninh with your family or friends? Let equip you with Quang Ninh travel experiences from A to Z to prepare yourself with all the necessities and information you could need.

Appropriate time to travel to Quang Ninh

Being in the tropical climate zone, Quang Ninh is divided into four distinct seasons with their own beauty and features. According to many travel addicts, the best time to have a trip to Quang Ninh is usually after the Lunar New Year, which is the period from December to mid-May, when the weather is quite comfortable, cool, dry and convenient for traveling and exploring.

If you want to go to the beach, the months from June to September are good choices to enjoy the blue sea and the cool wind, but it is also the peak season, so it will be difficult to avoid the crowded situation with high prices for using the services.


Quang Ninh - the attractive tourist destination for both domestic and international tourists.


If you like to enjoy the cold weather in the winter, you can come to Quang Ninh around October, November and December, but be aware that prolonged rains can negatively affect your travel plan. It would be advised to always check the weather forecast to fully prepare the necessary items to be more active during your trip.

The most convenient means of transport to travel to Quang Ninh

Quang Ninh is situated in an area which is more than 150 kilometers from Hanoi and 1,721 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City, thereby traveling to or within this province is quite easy. You can choose to travel by plane, train, bus or motorbike, etc. depending on your preferences and financial situation.

Plane: Traveling to Quang Ninh by plane is deemed quite convenient and time-saving. From Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City or other cities, you can buy flight tickets from Hanoi (or Saigon) to Hai Phong with the suitable flight time, then grab a taxi or take in a coach to Quang Ninh.

Train: We can assure that it would be a memorable experience for you to travel to Quang Ninh by train, so you should definitely try at least once. You can depart from Hanoi or Saigon Station and arrive at Yen Vien or Ha Long Station with the appropriate schedule and departure time. The price for a train ticket is also reasonable, which helps you save an amount of money and have a chance to enjoy the scenery and the lives of people along the way.

Coach: This is the means of transport chosen by many tourists when traveling to Quang Ninh for the time being. From all of the provinces in Vietnam, you can make your choice of choosing a coach to Quang Ninh with the best ticket price from a variety of reputable companies.

Motorbike: If you are a fan of traveling, coming to Quang Ninh by motorbike will definitely be a perfect option. From Hanoi to Quang Ninh, you can follow the two main directions below:

- Move along Road 5 to the Sai Dong Three-way Junction, directing to Bac Ninh province. Then follow the Road 18 throughout Pha Lai - Chi Linh - Dong Trieu - Uong Bi - Ha Long.

- Move along the direction from Noi Bai Airport - Bac Ninh - Highway 18A through Pha Lai - Sao Do - Dong Trieu - Uong Bi - Ha Long.



Quang Ninh tourist destinations not to be missed

Quang Ninh is famous for many attractions with majestic natural beauty that captivate people. Here are a few tourist destinations in Quang Ninh which have been fascinating countless visitors that you should not miss if having the opportunity to come there.

Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay is regarded as a tourist destination that no one coming to Quang Ninh will ignore. Recognized as the World Natural Heritage by UNESCO, Ha Long Bay features the beauty of nature, the wonderful rocky island system and the extremely rich and diverse ecosystems. Addressed by many tourists as an ink wash painting of nature, Ha Long Bay will definitely bring you interesting travel experiences and help you have the best photos during your trip.


Impressive design of Koi Bridge in Sun World Halong Complex. Photo:

Tuan Chau Island

Just 2 kilometers from the center of Ha Long City, Tuan Chau Island is like a paradise on Ha Long Bay with an area of up to 400 hectares. Thanks to owning the advantages of beautiful natural scenery, coupled with a variety of entertaining games, this island attracts many tourists visiting and choosing as their ideal resort annually. Setting foot on Tuan Chau Island, you will definitely fall in love at the first sight with the beauty of the islands, the fine white sand stretches, the clear blue water and the cool climate all year round. Especially, a series of amusement parks and recreational activities on the island will bring you extremely interesting feelings.


Beautiful scenery of Tuan Chau Island. Photo:

Quan Lan Island

As one of the most famous beautiful islands in Quang Ninh, Quan Lan has always won the hearts of visitors by its natural beauty and long white sand beaches. Along with the natural, pristine and pure beauty, the cultural and historical values there will undoubtedly make you surprised. Setting foot on Quan Lan, you will also have the opportunity to dive in the cool and clear sea, enjoy the sunny and windy atmosphere, and visit and explore the life of the fishermen in the fishing villages there.


Quan Lan Island is a famous tourist attraction in Quang Ninh. Photo:

Tra Co Tourist Area

It would be a pity if you travel to Quang Ninh without visiting the Tra Co Tourist Area. Famous for the longest coastline in Vietnam, Tra Co has a peaceful and idyllic beauty with an endless casuarina forest and tranquil smooth white stretches of sand besides the blue sea during the four seasons.



Not only owning the beautiful natural landscapes, but also the quintessence of traditional cultural values, the Tra Co Tourist Area will be a memorable destination for tourists all over the world.


Mui Sa Vi - a check-in place in Tra Co Tourist Area attracting many visitors. Photo: @linhturmeric

Co To Island

Considered as an extremely attractive tourist destination thanks to its gentle beauty, peaceful white sandy beaches and clear blue sea, Co To Island is always the ideal beauty spot winning the hearts of many visitors during their journey of discovering Quang Ninh. You can visit places such as Cau My rock beach, Co To lighthouse, Hong Van beach, Van Chay beach and so on when coming there to see a vivid picture of nature or enjoy the fresh sea food. Do not forget to experience watching the sunrise on the sea or the rushing sunset, and of course, save the most memorable moments for yourself.


Co To Island is a wonderful check-in place for tourists. Photo:

Delicacies not to be missed when you travel to Quang Ninh

Referring to Quang Ninh, in addition to the majestic natural scenery with charming and  captivating landscapes, the food there can easily capture the hearts of visitors. Let's discover some famous dishes you should try when traveling to Quang Ninh.

Steamed rice roll with grilled squid

As a symbol of the culinary culture of Quang Ninh, the steamed rice rolls with grilled squid bring the delicious taste to warm the hearts of the visitors. The perfect combination of the grilled squid and the thin steamed rice roll with the spices inside creates a dish full of “flavors of the sea”.


You should not miss the steamed rice roll with grilled squid when traveling to Quang Ninh.


The scent of steamed rice rolls combined with the fresh and crunchy taste of grilled squid and sauce will bring the special and unforgettable taste for diners whenever they have the opportunity to enjoy it. This dish can be enjoyed with some vegetables or vegetables pickled to feel the full affection of the people here sending to visitors.

Mussel porridge

The porridge made from nutritious fatty sea mussels is a dish you must enjoy when visiting Quang Ninh. Although it is just a simple and idyllic dish, the porridge here is full of flavors of the sea that nowhere has.


Mussel porridge is a specialty of Quang Ninh people. Photo:

To make delicious mussel porridge, locals often marinate the mussel meat with fish sauce and crushed pepper. Then you stir fry the smashed red onions in a pan until they become golden. Next, put the mussels into that pan and stir fry altogether until they shrink. The smooth mussel porridge with the aroma of fragrant rice, enjoyed with Vietnamese coriander, coriander, a little spring onion and pepper, seems to be delicious enough to satisfy the culinary lovers wanting to explore things. Enjoying the porridge with the salty taste of the sea breeze will undoubtedly be an unforgettable experience.

Mantis shrimp rice noodle

If you have the opportunity to go to Quang Ninh, but not linger for a while to enjoy mantis shrimp rice noodle, your journey will still be incomplete. The combination of stewed soup from bones, shrimp, mantis shrimp meat and crabs deeply intertwined together to bring an unmatched delicious taste. Having the mantis shrimp rice noodle with a few pieces of fried tofu, fried breadstick, pak choi and some chili gives the diners a deep sense of enjoying the whole taste of the sea and sky, making them ecstatic. In the cold weather of the North, there is nothing more wonderful than having a hot bowl of mantis shrimp rice noodle and chatting with friends.


Super delicious mantis shrimp rice noodle warms the hearts of diners. Photo:

Gat Gu Cake (Nodding Cake)

If you go to Quang Ninh without enjoying the Gat Gu cake, it would be a pity of your whole trip. At the first glance, you may feel that Gat Gu cake is quite similar to the steamed rice roll or Pho noodles, but the special deliciousness of the cake will definitely captivate the diners. The reason why the cake has such a unique name is because it has a long and soft shape, so when you hold it on your hand, it will nod on many sides like a person is dozing, which makes locals call it by the name “Nodding Cake”.


Gat Gu Cake is a delicious food attracting many tourists. Photo:

Gat Gu Cake is made from rice flour mixed with cold rice to make it bulging and flexible smooth, then people semi-process the mixture based on a special formula. This cake is best served with the sweet and sour sauce with fried red onion and a bit of minced meat and chili, which is enough to whet diners’ appetite and make them give many compliments. The combination of the light sweetness of glutinous rice, the softness of the cake, coupled with the greasy feeling from the sauce with meat will bring an unforgettable culinary experience for diners.

Peanut worm

Peanut worm, also known as sipunculus nudu or sea worms, is a rare seafood to be made into many delicious specialties in Quang Ninh that visitors must enjoy once. After peanut worms are caught from the sea, they will be cleaned off sand before being cooked into different dishes such as grilled with salt and chili, deep fried and sweet and sour stir-fried peanut worms. Raw peanut worm can also be eaten with mustard to keep the original taste and nutrition.


Peanut worm is an ingredient which can be made into many delicious specialties. Photo:

Especially, according to medicine, peanut worm has the “coolness” which is used as a medicine to treat diseases of the mind, enhance the blood quality and male vitality. Because of the distinct taste, peanut worm is always attractive to foodies in a strange way whenever anyone has the opportunity to come to this beautiful land.

We can assure that some of the information just shared above is enough for you to prepare for your Quang Ninh trip. So what are you waiting for? Get your backpack ready and why not set out to Quang Ninh immediately? We wish you a memorable journey and interesting experiences in this land.