5 old places full of the uniqueness of Saigon everyone needs to visit once in their lifetime

5 old places full of the uniqueness of Saigon everyone needs to visit once in their lifetime

Ho Chi Minh City 19.06.2020

Saigon is known as the most dynamic city in Vietnam. Coming to Saigon, besides visiting familiar tourist destinations, young people who love taking beautiful photos definitely can not miss the opportunity to experience the places with the old beauty of Saigon.

Translated by nguyendo

Written by thyltp

26 Ly Tu Trong Apartment Building

Address: 26 Ly Tu Trong, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1


The apartment is in the good location of Saigon. Photo: saostar.vn

Situated in a busy area of Saigon and opposite to Vincom shopping center, 26 Ly Tu Trong Apartment Building can still maintain its ancient and simple features. Being there, you can view the old characteristics quite clearly at first sight through the stairs made of bricks and cement, or even the iron railings with French architecture.

You have probably seen box elevators with sliding doors in movies, haven’t you? If you go to 26 Ly Tu Trong Apartment Building, you will have the opportunity to see this old kind of elevator with your own eyes.


Nostalgic Apartment full of art. Photo: tiin.vn

In spite of retaining the traditional architecture of the apartment, it does not look degraded or damaged. The floors are covered with patterned tile, creating the feeling of cleanliness and coolness. The turns leading towards the alleys within the apartment have deteriorated over time, but the doors are still strong and the pillars remain firm with no signs of cracking or breaking.

26 ly tu trongjpg.jpg

The background is simple but vintage. Photo: metrip.vn


A vintage setting can be felt everywhere in the Apartment. Photo: beautiesvietnam.vn

Ton That Dam Apartment Building

Address: 14 Ton That Dam, Nguyen Thai Binh Ward, District 1


An overview of Ton That Dam Apartment Building. Photo: dulichvietnam.com.vn

Although the architecture of Ton That Dam Apartment Building is not particularly classic or in the center of the city, the place still attracts many tourists. Do you know what is special about this apartment which makes many people come here? The answer lies in the view from the apartment which overlooks a poetic river, thereby promoting the inherent ancient appearance and feel of the building.


A single doorway is enough to make an artistic photo. Photo: gody.vn

People often visit Ton That Dam Apartment Building when they want to find peace of mind in cafes, studios or clothes stores. Each store here has a classic setting mixed with something fresh and sophisticated with each item decorated inside.

chung cu ton that dam.jpg

Mossy staircases stimulating the nostalgia for photos. Photo: Facebook Travel & Food


A small corner of a cafe inside the Apartment Building. Photo: traveloka.com

Hao Si Phuong Apartment Building

Address: 206 Tran Hung Dao B, District 5


Photo: zing.vn

Do you feel you are bored with modern concepts in luxury high-rise buildings? If you need a place which is peaceful and ancient, you should come to Hao Si Phuong Apartment Building with a beauty which can be viewed almost like an ancient movie, thanks to its location in a Chinese town. Also, its design and colors were without a doubt inspired from this country.

The colors of the houses in the alley are harmoniously combined. Although each house is constructed with varying design styles or painted with different colors, they create  a unique beauty. When you first enter here, you will definitely feel like you are walking through a Hong Kong movie.

hao si phuong.jpg

Ancient color. Photo: zing.vn

42 Nguyen Hue Apartment Building

Address: 42 Nguyen Hue, Ben Nghe, District 1, Ho Chi Minh city

The 9-floor-apartment on 42 Nguyen Hue street is on the list of hot check-in places for many visitors. The apartment building reminded us of the atmosphere of the old Saigon. In addition to taking photos with vintage style, you can experience and relax in small beautiful cafes, restaurants, small shops, etc. inside the apartment. When coming here, you will be surprised at the many signs hung in front of the door with very unique designs that you cannot find anywhere.


A small corner of the apartment. Photo: thietkecafesaigon.com

Although the price of drinks and food here can be a little higher compared to other restaurants’, you will find it worth in trade of the emotional experience you can gain. The atmosphere in the apartment is very quiet with beautiful backgrounds invested by hospitable owners of restaurants and cafes, which can help you have the best check-in photos. 


An overview of the apartment. Photo: medulich.info

Ho Chi Minh Museum of Fine Arts

Address: 97 Pho Duc Chinh, District 1

If you want to have photos with the concept as magically beautiful as the one in the Music Video “Love Charm” of singer Bich Phuong, you should come by Ho Chi Minh Museum of Fine Arts. The architecture here is a combined style of both European and Asian style. Some ideal places for taking check-in photos include patterned glass windows, magical spiral staircases and the famous corridor in the Music Video “Love Charm”. All you need to do is to focus on posing because there is nothing to worry about as a result of the beauty held in the background.

bao tang my thuat ho chi minh .jpg

Ho Chi Minh Museum of Fine Arts. Photo: mytour.vn

bao tang my thuat.jpg

The old white windows. Photo: hoahoctro.vn

Let’s go to these places with Nem-vn.net to enjoy the beauty of the most splendid high-rise buildings in Saigon. We hope you will have memorable experiences and take plenty of gorgeous photos!