“Super attractive” new and unique tourist destinations in Da Lat

“Super attractive” new and unique tourist destinations in Da Lat

Lam Dong 12.08.2020

The cool and fresh air of Da Lat always makes many tourists want to come back to this city some more times. If you are fed up with the familiar tourist destinations of Da Lat, you can note some extremely new beauty spots that Nem-vn.net is sharing as follows.

Translated by nguyendo

Written by thyltp

Vo Cuc Lake (Infinity Lake)

Address: Ward 4, in the area of Tuyen Lam Lake

Entrance fee: VND 60,000/adult, VND 30,000/child

Vo Cuc Lake is located right on the path of sculpture with the length of more than 1,200 meters. This is a beautiful landscape with two giant statues facing each other in the middle. You can see large green pine forests with an extremely pleasant, cool and fresh atmosphere, all from a boat on the lake.


Photo: @pathanou

If you want to let your hair down and take beautiful photos, visiting Vo Cuc Lake is a must. From the area of the lake, it is very easy to travel to visit some other locations, for example Truc Lam Zen Monastery or Datanla Waterfall.


Super beautiful scenery at Vo Cuc Lake. Photo: @iamhp1712

The Dreamy Pink Heart Bridge

Address: Kymi Villa homestay campus, located at 68 Dang Thai Than, Ward 3, Da Lat City

Entrance fee: Free

Regardless of being single or having a lover, you should spend some time visiting this heart bridge when coming to Da Lat. Although it was only put into operation in early February 2019, this bridge has attracted a large number of tourists. With a pink heart-shaped design interlocking and reaching out the green pine hills, the bridge symbolizes the love and fidelity of a couple. In addition to the bridge as the main background, there are many lovely sceneries to take photos such as the wish tree, rose garden, cafe corner and so on.

cầu trái ti .jpg

The pink bridge between the large pine forest. Photo: zing.vn


Shimmering colors of love. Photo: vntrip.vn

The Little Classic Hong Kong

Address: The Myst Lounge - 104 Hai Ba Trung

Average fee: VND 50,000 - 100,000/person

As a relatively recent addition to Da Lat, The Myst is a new lounge combined with a bar available for tourists to come to. The lounge features Hong Kong cultural features such as a red gate and rows of red lanterns. This scene will definitely remind you of the Hong Kong TVB movies you used to watch in the past. Being there and holding the camera, you can have photos like ones being taken in the 90s with retro-style from any corners. The night atmosphere here is extremely lively, so you can come there to have fun and experience a new space.


Retro photos. Photo: danangfantasticcity.com


The night atmosphere here is very lively. Photo: danangfantasticcity.com

The Little Bali Miniature

Address: Group 20, Hamlet 4, Ta Nung Commune

Entrance fee: VND 80,000/person

This is a complex of cafes, homestays and check-in attractions located 17 kilometers from Da Lat city center. Do you know the reason why this new destination can create a wave of curiosity making many young people want to visit? It is the spacious and beautiful scenery like Bali tourist paradise that has kindled the interests of travelers.

As a result of recreating the same beautiful sceneries of Bali, this place is regarded as Bali’s miniature. You do not need to go all the way to Bali but still enjoy taking photos with many famous things such as the giant hands, swings in the air, bird's nest and so on. With the fresh air and the sight of the whole old-growth forest in the misty fog, this is an ideal place for organizing sightseeing and group or family vacation.

cong troi.jpg

Pose freely with the heaven gate. Photo: kenh14.vn


Photo: myyho.com

The Peaceful Hoa Son Dien Trang

Address: Sub-Area 159, Ward 5, direction to Ta Nung Pass

Entrance fee: VND 30,000/adult, VND 15,000/child

When coming to Ta Nung Pass, slow down and you will see the entrance to Hoa Son Dien Trang tourist area on your left. The very first thing making you surprised is the idyllic scenery with a winding stream around the pristine road and blooming flower gardens. It is noted that this place is the combination of the peaceful natural and unique artificial sceneries.


The scenery is peaceful and dreamy. Photo: vntrip.vn

The first extremely hot landscape that people often scramble to take photos is the giant lucky hand, which is also known as the Buddha's hand. This hand is made up of vines in the primeval forest based on a foreign legend. Besides, there is a cherry blossom garden which is also a highlight attracting many visitors. The flowers there are brought from Japan and planted next to a large lake, thereby creating an atmosphere of ancient antiquity.


Photo: sohatravel.vn

In addition to the two locations above, there are many other beautiful scenes in Hoa Son Dien Trang such as Sapa's ancient rose garden, heaven gates and the buckwheat fields, which are all located in the speprimeval forest of Da Lat. If you are fed up with enjoying the scenery, you can change the atmosphere a bit by participating in many activities such as camping, hiking in the forest, fishing, boating.

With the beautiful tourist destinations that Nem-vn.net has just shared above, hopefully you can have a new and more interesting experience with your trip to Da Lat.