Six delicious dishes in Quang Nam attracting visitors at first glance

Six delicious dishes in Quang Nam attracting visitors at first glance

Da Nang - Quang Nam 14.09.2020

Quang Nam is one of the most interesting tourist destinations. However, it would be a big mistake if you come to Quang's land without enjoying the delicious food here. Quang Nam has countless specialties with the characteristics of focusing on the natural flavors of the ingredients and using very little spices but still creating the rich flavors. Today, will introduce to you 6 delicious dishes that you should enjoy if having the opportunity to visit Quang Nam!

Translated by nguyendo

Written by tinhnt

Quang noodles

When it comes to the delicious specialties of Quang Nam, it is impossible not to mention Quang Noodles, regardless of the simplicity. You can easily find this special dish everywhere in this province, from the countryside to the city.

The noodles, which are both soft and chewy, are made from sliced rice paper. The topping can vary from different ingredients such as chicken, pork, beef, shrimp, crab, fish and so on. 





Raw vegetables are considered indispensable when diners enjoy Quang Noodles. They are very well-prepared with different types such as banana blossom, splitted water spinach, bean sprouts, mustard greens. The diversity of the vegetables helps to avoid the satiation or dryness of the dish irrespective of the limited amount of stock. Besides, grilled rice paper, hot chilli, lemon, peanuts and original fish sauce are deemed compulsory things for Quang Noodles as well. This dish is highly advised to be served hot because diners can experience “blowing and eating” at the same time.

Grilled flying fish

The flying fish, whose largest population is in Quang Nam, is often found in the South Central Coast of Vietnam. Flying fishes can be processed into many delicious dishes in the forms of being deep-fried, stewed and boiled, but the most famous and delicious way is to be grilled.





To make the dish, flying fish are cleaned and marinated with some fish sauce, lemongrass and chili for about 20 minutes to absorb the spices. They are then grilled on a charcoal stove for about 30 minutes before being served.

Grilled flying fish has a distinct flavor that cannot be misunderstood by any other kinds of fish. Besides, it is not too complicated to enjoy the dish. Only by holding the grilled fish in your hands and breaking it into two pieces, before dipping it into the pure fish sauce or green chilli salt, will you experience its full deliciousness. To enhance the taste, you can enjoy the dish with rice paper and raw vegetables. The sweetness of the fish combined with some saltiness of sea salt and the aroma of garlic and hot chili will definitely make you melt.

Nest cake

The nest cake is considered a tourist specialty of Quang Nam due to its distinct flavor. With its delicious taste, this cake has rapidly won the hearts of both domestic and international tourists for a long time.

The cake has a shape of a bowl, wrapped around a layer of banana leaf. Based on the type of sugar, its colors can vary from ivory white, milk coffee or black.





The nest cake is made from two main ingredients: sticky rice and sugar. If you want the cake to be particularly delicious, you have to choose the best type of sticky rice and sugar to make it sticky and fragrant. To make nest cake, people will grind the rice as fine as flour, while the sugar will be caramelized with some slices of ginger until the aroma is evoked, after which any impurities are removed. Mix the liquid of sugar and glutinous rice flour carefully so that the mixture does not become thick and pappy. Pour it into molds made of banana leaves, then put the cakes in a bamboo basket before steaming. On the surface of the cooked cakes, roasted sesame is often sprinkled. After being dried under the sunlight for a couple of days, the cake is now ready for diners. You can choose to have raw, baked or deep-fried cakes, where each has a different taste from the others.

In Quang Nam, there are many places famous for nest cakes, but the most original flavor is still in the ancient town of Hoi An. Many visitors choose to buy nest cakes as gifts not only because of its unique flavor, but also the characteristics of being compact with the ability of being preserved for a long time.

Cao Lau

Cao Lau, which has some similarities with Quang Noodles, is actually a famous kind of noodle in Hoi An, but the process of making this dish is much more elaborate.

A full bowl of Cao Lau consists of fresh noodles, pork, some broth and raw vegetables. One special thing is that the broth Cao Lau is actually the gravy from spice marinated pork, which is slightly sweet, rich and extremely delicious. The noodles are made from fragrant rice soaked with ash water on Cu Lao Cham, steamed 3 times to create the hardness and the natural yellow.





To have the best noodles, people soak Cao Lau for several hours with water, then take it out to wash and boil until it is completely cooked. This way, Cao Lau not only retains its toughness, but also the softness. The highlight in the bowl of noodles is the dry piece of  Cao Lau cut into squares and deep-fried. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is the crispy taste of fried Cao Lau that makes the dish extremely delicious.

Shrimp spring roll

Varying from the North to the South of Vietnam with different recipes of spring rolls, shrimp spring roll is the unique dish making Quang Nam residents proud of.

Ingredients of Quang Nam shrimp spring roll include shrimp, bacon, egg and medium-sized rice paper. The shrimps used to make this dish must be freshwater ones, because they have thin skin, soft meat and natural sweetness. After being cleaned and cut off the heads, the shrimps are marinated with spices, scallions and egg; the bacon is cut into thin slices and marinated together with the shrimp.







Coming to the stage of rolling, the fillings such as bacon, shrimp and scallion are neatly placed on the surface of rice paper. In order to make the shrimp spring rolls delicious and not break out during the frying, the rice paper must be wrapped tightly. The size of the roll is also very small because each one is only composed of one piece of meat, one shrimp and some scallions.

A delicious shrimp spring roll must have a beautiful yellow color, not be burned, and have the natural aroma of shrimp, meat, scallions and pureed pepper. The dish, which is best served when being hot with thinly sliced raw vegetables and sweet and sour dipping sauce, and can be enjoyed with rice noodles or rice.

Tam Ky Chicken Rice

Referring to chicken rice, many people will think that it is a familiar dish in everyday life, but Tam Ky chicken rice is a unique brand of Quang Nam land full of sunshine and wind.

The rice used to make the dish is the newly-harvested types, then cooked with chicken broth and a small amount of turmeric water, creating a shiny yellow color. Tam Ky chicken is the most original ingredient because they are raised in the yards or gardens to create the firm meat and thin skin.



There are two ways of processing the chicken. You can shred the chicken into small pieces and mix them with Vietnamese coriander, onion, pepper and other spices to make a sour chicken salad. Besides, you can also chop the chicken into small pieces and put them on a bowl of rice, served with hot chili sauce and a mixture of pickles, carrots and papaya. The chicken broth can be made use of as a side dish.

A standard dish of Tam Ky chicken rice has eye-catching colors with the turmeric yellow of rice, ivory of chicken, red of chili, green of papaya and Vietnamese coriander and the purple of shallot. Not only can all of them create a dish full of colors, but also flavors.

With these suggestions has provided above, hopefully you will be equipped with some helpful information to explore the culinary culture of Quang Nam province.