Four delicious dishes of Da Lat that “fascinate” visitors

Four delicious dishes of Da Lat that “fascinate” visitors

Lam Dong 15.10.2021

Da Lat dishes are both tasty and fresh, so the cuisine here is loved by many tourists. Here are four delicious dishes which are best enjoyed in the cold weather of this “foggy city”.

Translated by nguyendo

Written by Congtt

Da Lat is “the land of love, romance and poetic landscapes”, which has made the hearts of many people flutter. The city is not only famous for the winding roads around ancient villas in the pine forest, but its cuisine has also "fascinated" many visitors.

Chicken hotpot with basil (Lau Ga La E)


Basil is the special ingredient in the dish. Photo: Shopee

When coming to Da Lat, it is not difficult for you to see restaurants selling the specialty “chicken hotpot with basil” (Lau Ga La E) along streets. Chicken hotpot is a familiar dish to many people, but basil is not widely known to many people. This herb has a characteristic sour and aromatic taste, so people in the South Central Coast of Vietnam, especially those in Phu Yen and Binh Dinh province, often crush it to mix with salt or to season seafood and barbecue dishes. In Da Lat, basil is used to make chicken hotpot, which is an ideal dish in the cold weather of the highlands. The dish includes a pot of broth with chicken and fresh basil for you to eat directly or dip in the hot broth. You can also order french fries, sponge gourd stir-fried with chicken offal and rice noodles.


Chicken hot pot with basil is a delicious dish of Da Lat. Photo: To Oanh.

The sweet and savory broth blends with the fatty chicken, some spicy and acrid flavour of basil to create a special taste for the dish. Enjoying the chicken hotpot is a kind of way to “warm your heart” in the cool weather of Da Lat.

Price: VND 250,000/small pot enough for 3-4 people; VND 350,000/big pot enough for 5-6 people.

Artichoke hotpot (Lau Atiso)

As Da Lat has a very suitable climate and soil for artichokes to grow, this kind of plant has become a specialty of this city. Artichoke is used as tea or processed into beverages or soups as it can bring benefits to humans such as cooling and purifying the body, stimulating digestion, sedation and blood purification. In Da Lat, it is also an ingredient in a hotpot.


Artichoke hotpot is a specialty of Da Lat. Photo: ohman

An artichoke hotpot includes artichokes, mushrooms, red apples, goji berries and ginkgo seeds. The hotpot is usually served with beef and green vegetables such as crown daisy, mushrooms and spinach. Your first impression about this kind of hotpot will be the sweet broth made from artichokes, the aroma of Chinese herbs, tender beef, crispy mushrooms and fresh vegetables. Notably, the aftertaste of artichoke will leave you with an unforgettable feeling.

Price: About VND 300,000/pot.

Ba Toa beef hotpot (Lau Bo Ba Toa)

Many people will wonder about the origin of the term “Ba Toa” and why it has been so famous up to now. According to the locals, “Ba Toa'' is a transliteration of the word "abattoir" which means “slaughterhouse”. After that, many restaurants sprang up in the area near the cattle slaughterhouses, so they have kept that name for decades.


Ba Toa beef hotpot has beef that is sliced thicker than usual and the broth has a strong flavour of “mountain beef”. Photo:

In the cool weather of Da Lat, enjoying Ba Toa beef hotpot would be perfect. The beef here is sliced thicker than usual, but always tender. The broth has a strong flavour of “mountain beef'' which is not too greasy yet tasty. Served with beef are green vegetables (such as Chinese cabbage and green mustard), tofu, egg noodles and instant noodles. In addition, the indispensable highlight is the dipping sauce made from spicy satay chilli to make the dish more savoury.

Price: About VND 150,000/pot for 2 people; VND 200,000 - 250,000 pot for 4 people.


Ba Toa beef hotpot is served with instant noodles or egg noodles. Photo: vietnammoi

Steamed rice paper with chicken offal (Banh Uot Long Ga)

Steamed rice paper with chicken offal is one of the famous popular specialties of Da Lat. Despite not being as “hot” as hotpot dishes, the dish still "captivates" fastidious diners thanks to the combination of ingredients to create its typical flavour. “Banh Uot” (steamed rice paper) is a type of cake made from rice flour, coated on a boiler - similar to “Banh Cuon” in Northern Vietnam - but the filling is made from chicken offal instead of boiled lean pork paste (“Cha Que” in Vietnamese).


Steamed rice paper with chicken offal is one of the famous specialties of Da Lat. Photo: thoidai

A bowl of Da Lat steamed rice paper with chicken offal usually includes steamed rice papers, shredded chicken, onion, egg, chilli pepper, Vietnamese coriander and types of chicken offal. The rich taste of rice papers, the sweet and fragrant chicken and the slightly pungent smell of onion will impress you from the first bite. Notably, the sweet, sour and spicy dipping sauce will “double” the deliciousness of the dish.

Price: About VND 25,000 - 30,000/serving.

When coming to Da Lat, not only can you immerse yourself in the romantic scenery of pine hills and visit ancient houses, but also have the opportunity to enjoy the rustic cuisine, for example artichoke hotpot, Ba Toa beef hotpot and steamed rice paper with chicken offal, which has attracted a large number of tourists in recent years.