Da Lat grilled rice paper - delicacy “fascinating” tourists  in the city of thousands of flowers

Da Lat grilled rice paper - delicacy “fascinating” tourists in the city of thousands of flowers

Lam Dong 19.06.2020

Maybe you do not know, but when traveling to Da Lat, you should definitely not ignore enjoying the cuisine here, especially the grilled rice paper making many visitor "miss the flavour". Why do we say that? Let's discover this rice paper made in Vietnam with Nem-vn.net!

Translated by nguyendo

Written by thyltp

Grilled rice paper - a unique street food in Da Lat

Da Lat grilled rice paper is also known as "Vietnamese pizza" which was originally a simple rice paper grilled with grease and red onion. Later, people used more ingredients to make the dish richer and more attractive.

The reason for the name “pizza” is that the ingredients of the grilled rice paper are the same as the classic pizzas you've ever known, however, the difference lies in the base of the "Vietnamese pizza", which is made from a traditional Vietnamese ingredient called rice paper.

banh trang nuong da lat.jpg

       Grilled rice paper - a dish not to be missed when coming to Da Lat. Photo: nhahanghuongsen.com.vn

Do you want to know the recipe? First, put a piece of rice paper on a charcoal grill, then spread a thin layer of oil stir-fried with spring onion on its surface. Next, use a handheld fan to make the charcoal grill hot and a bamboo chopstick to crack a chicken or quail egg. Then you evenly spread all the ingredients around the face of the rice paper.

It just takes over 1 minute for the rice paper and egg to be ripe, crunchy and fragrant. At this time, spread a little chilli powder over the paper to make it a little spicy. Thus, you will have a hot and crispy grilled rice paper with a surface full of attractive colors: the yellow of egg mixed with the green of onion and the red of chilli powder.


Aromatic grilled rice paper on a charcoal grill. Photo: dulichtoday.vn

There are many other ingredients that you can choose to put on the paper. Depending on your preference, you can choose dried beef, pate, cheese, chicken, sausage, mayonnaise, etc. Do you agree that the ability for you to enjoy a speciality of Da Lat based off your own tastes and preferences is wonderful?

Spending from only VND 10,000 to VND 13,000, you will immediately have a hot delicious street food to enjoy!

Another tip for you is that when you enjoy Da Lat grilled rice paper, drinking soy milk is a must. It will warm you in the cold weather in Da Lat at once!


The drink that goes with Vietnamese pizza is a glass of hot soy milk. Photo: chudu24h.com

Where can you buy grilled rice paper? Because this is a popular street food in Da Lat, you can find it anywhere when walking around Xuan Huong Lake or visiting night markets and small alleys. This “Vietnamese pizza” is often only sold after 3pm when the weather of Da Lat becomes cold with some dew, which is a suitable time to enjoy a hot dish with a glass of warm soy milk.

banh trang da lat.jpg

A dish suitable for chilly afternoons. Photo: foody.vn

Best places selling Da Lat grilled rice paper

Aunt Dinh's grilled rice paper

Address: 26 Hoang Dieu, Da Lat

Not far from the center of the city, Aunt Dinh’s restaurant is reviewed by many people as the best grilled rice paper restaurant in Da Lat.

Although the restaurant only opens from 2pm to 6:30pm, tourists cannot ignore the attraction of Aunt Dinh’s grilled rice paper. When enjoying the rice paper there, you will never forget the crispy taste of the cake mingled with tasty sauce.

banh trang nuong di dinh.jpg

An attractive and tasty grilled rice paper. Photo: chudu24h.com

Do you want to enjoy many different tastes? Aunt Dinh's restaurant has tastes ranging from seafood to cheeses that appeal to visitors from all over the world. That the owner serves customers quickly and enthusiastically with a friendly smile; the price ranges from VND 6,000 to VND 27,000/ grilled rice paper, which can help you eat as much as you want without being afraid of spending too much money, are some plus points for this restaurant.

Grilled rice paper No.112

Address: No.112 Nguyen Van Troi, Ward 2, Da Lat

No one knows the reason, but Da Lat grilled rice paper No.112 becomes the representative of cuisine in this land of thousands of flowers. The food always attracts visitors as a result of its rich flavor, leaving them an unforgettable impression.


You must enjoy the grilled rice paper at No.112. Photo: kenh14.vn

Although the restaurant is often crowded with customers, we are sure that you will only need to wait from 5 to 10 minutes to have a hot and crispy grilled rice paper with a reasonable price. Especially when knowing the owner always treats their customers with great hospitality and warmth when inside the restaurant.

Ms. Phuong's grilled rice paper restaurant

Address: 69C Nguyen Van Troi, Ward 2, Da Lat

Ms. Phuong's grilled rice paper restaurant is highly rated in the list of restaurants worth going to while in Da Lat. With her extremely skillful hands, you will not have to wait long to enjoy a hot and delicious “Vietnamese pizza”.

If you have kids, you should take them to the restaurant because this will definitely be their new favorite food! The price is also extremely affordable, ranging from VND 5,000 to VND 30,000, depending on the type of paper you choose. A tip for you is that if you want to enjoy the full flavor of the best grilled rice paper in Da Lat, you should come to the restaurant early because it is always filled with customers as the day goes on; otherwise, it will run out of fresh ingredients.


Grilled rice paper at Ms. Phuong's restaurant is delicious but affordable. Photo: metrip.vn

Do you think that Da Lat grilled rice paper is very tasty? If you go to the dreamland of Da Lat without enjoying this dish, you will be making a very big mistake! Give it a try and share your feelings with Nem-vn.net.