“Legendary” slopes in Da Lat attracting countless tourists

“Legendary” slopes in Da Lat attracting countless tourists

Lam Dong 19.06.2020

In addition to being famous as a city of thousands of flowers, Da Lat is also known as a city with steep terrain. Visitors who are passionate about having beautiful and vintage photos and want to challenge their driving skills must definitely visit these slopes.

Translated by nguyendo

Written by thyltp

Nha Bo (Cow Barn) Slope

It is the idyllic and simple beauty of Nha Bo slope that has fascinated a lot of visitors. A glimpse of it may make you come to a conclusion that it is merely a small slope which is not worth visiting and discovering more about, however, it would be a pity if you make the decision to not view the scenery before returning home. Coupled with the surrounding trees and houses, the stairs and the steep path contribute  to creating both a poetic and romantic setting.

The origin of the name “Nha Bo" (Cow Barn)


A lot of tourists are attracted by the slope. Photo: mytour.vn

In fact, the Nha Bo slope is a self-opened shortcut by locals to reduce the time walking from the city center to Bao Dai Palace III on the top of the hill within 5 minutes. Do you know the reason why this slope was given to such a funny name? The answer lies in its long history in the French time. At the time, an old barn was built at the end of the slope. People living in this area kept using that familiar and easy-to-remember name through generations. In 1953, this area was renamed to Dao Duy Tu street, but people still called it by the familiar name “Cow Barn slope”.

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You can have a beautiful photo with some basic retouching. Photo: mytour.vn

No place for non-professional drivers due to the steepness

In spite of the limited length of about 480 meters from the foot to the top of the hill, you will certainly feel overwhelmed when looking up from the bottom, not to mention driving up the slope. Ignoring the high level of steepness, people living there have no difficulty going up and down the slope everyday.

If you are not very confident in your driving skill, you should consider carefully whether you should try driving up the slope or not. In doing so, you can put yourself in jeopardy due to the risk of falling down the slope. For safety, it is best to take photos using the steps for pedestrians, but you should be careful with them on rainy days due to the slippery concrete road.


The slope is not long, but quite steep. Photo: mytour.vn

Address of Nha Bo Slope:

+ Address: At the end of Dao Duy Tu street, 3 ward, Da Lat city

+ Entrance fee: Free

+ Visiting time: Unlimited

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The most beautiful slope in Da Lat. Photo: zing.vn

How to get to Nha Bo slope:

The fastest way to Nha Bo slope is to depart from Da Lat market, then follow the direction of Nguyen Van Cu street. After turning to Ba Trieu street, you need to go straight ahead until seeing the Tran Phu street sign. Going straight on a roundabout, you will immediately see Dao Duy Tu street, whose end is the place you want to find.


Nha Bo slope became famous after the premiere of the film "Go-Go Sister" featured it. Photo: toplist.vn

Tin Lanh (Protestant) Slope

Address: Right on the road to the Protestant Church, Nguyen Van Troi street.

Around the slope, there are trees lining up on both sides of the road. It is highly recommended that you should come here early in the morning to get the best photos, because it is the ideal time when the atmosphere is quiet and dew drops are still on the leaves. On the other hand, you can also go to the Protestant slope in the afternoon, when the church rings the bell, to watch the romantic sunset of Da Lat. From the slope, you can enjoy the panoramic view of Da Lat city, Xuan Huong Lake, Da Lat Market, etc.

doc tin lanh.jpg

Road up the slope. Photo: mytour.vn

Nguyet Vong Lau Slope

Address: On the corner of Truong Dinh - Tang Bat Ho

Speaking of the most favored slope appearing in many paintings of Dalat, except for Nguyet Vong Lau slope, there are no other answers. The reason for the name of the slope which seems to be Chinese is that there used to be a famous red brick house of a Chinese family who sold tea a long time ago. The house was constructed according to an ancient Asian style with red lanterns hung high. Although the shop was later closed, the house remained unchanged. The wall was tainted with the mischievous strokes of the pedestrians, but as a whole, this place is still very eye-catching.


The red house creates a beautiful background. Photo: baomoi.com

Hope that you will have a memorable journey with “legendary” slopes of Da Lat. Do not forget to share your travel experience with Nem-vn.net.