Four spots in Northwest Vietnam to see peach blossoms that fascinate visitors

Four spots in Northwest Vietnam to see peach blossoms that fascinate visitors

Son La - Dien Bien Lao Cai Ha Giang Yen Bai 15.10.2021

Northwest Vietnam is not only attractive with the diverse culture of the mountainous ethnic people, but it can also fascinate visitors with the beautiful cherry blossom in the early spring.

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Written by giangntm

Spring in the Northwest is not only beautiful due to the typical lifestyle of the people, but also thanks to the peach blossoms - the soul of the mountains and forests in this season.

The charming Sapa peach blossom forest

While the long winter makes Sa Pa “sunk” in cold weather, spring comes to make Sapa full of life, which may explain why many tourists call it "flower paradise". In the midst of majestic mountains and forests, roads of thousands of meters are covered by the pink colour of peach and cherry blossoms.


Peach blossoms are in full bloom in Sapa. Photo:

With a favourable climate, Sapa peaches can grow well and bloom gorgeously every spring. The peach petals are small, but together they can cover the whole space with a dreamy colour of pink. You can easily see the Sapa peach trees along roadsides and villages.


The peach blossoms in villages. Photo: dulichchaovietnam


The gorgeous cherry blossoms in Sapa tea hill. Photo: vnexpress

On Tet Holiday (The Lunar New Year Holiday), Sapa is covered with poetically romantic flowers. The spot in Sa Pa to see peach blossoms that everyone wants to set foot on is Cat Cat village, where there are ancient villages of the H'Mong people. You can also see this kind of flower in full bloom in Ta Van and Ta Phin villages. Meanwhile, you can admire cherry blossoms blooming in Sapa tea hill which is as beautiful as a scene from a fairy tale.

The romantic peach blossoms in Moc Chau (Son La province)

Moc Chau is a famous tourist destination with a wide diversity and abundance of flowers - the pure white of plum blossoms, the yellow of rapeseed flowers, and the poetic pink of wild peach blossoms.


The poetic peach blossoms in Moc Chau. Photo:

When the peach blossoms bloom, another spring is coming. This kind of flower in Moc Chau blooms all over the mountain - regardless of the cold weather in mid-January of the lunar calendar - and is full of life like the people in the highlands.


The wild peach blossoms. Photo:

Moc Chau peach blossoms are delicate yet wild. The trees grow in the rock and on the mountain on their own without anyone taking care of them. The H'Mong and Thai people often plant peaches in front of the yard or around the fence of their house. You can choose to see this kind of flower at Ba Phach, Bo Sap or Ta So villages and - at the same time - learn more about the unique features of Tet culture of the ethnic people of the highlands.

The peach blossoms in Dong Van rock plateau (Ha Giang province)

It will be great if you have the opportunity to come to Dong Van rock plateau in Ha Giang province during the peach blossom season. Many people think that this place is just a land of mountains and rocks, but the peach blossoms here can grow incredibly well. When spring comes, the dried branches “wake up” again blossoming with plentiful vibrancy.


The peach blossoms next to the earth houses in the Dong Van rock plateau. Photo:

Peach blossoms in the rock plateau are not concentrated on a fixed area, but are often planted around the houses of people in Northwest Vietnam, which bring the typical pink colour for Ha Giang on the New Year days.


The peach blossoms next to the houses. Photo:

Pho Cao and Sung La are the two places with the most peach blossoms in Dong Van, so you can come here to enjoy the pristine beauty of this flower next to the dwellings of the locals.


The wild and romantic peach blossoms. Photo:

The wild peach blossoms in Mu Cang Chai (Yen Bai province)

In Northwest Vietnam, especially in Mu Cang Chai district (Yen Bai province), there is a type of flower likened to a "specialty" - To Day peach blossom. The H'Mong people often call it "Pang To Day" which means “forest peach blossom”. Annually, before the Lunar New Year, To Day peach blossoms bloom. This kind of flower is a woody plant that can only grow and bloom at an altitude of more than 1,000 meters above sea level. To Day peach blossoms also have five petals, but they bloom in clusters with red pistils.


To Day peach blossom is a "specialty" only available in the Northwest region. Photo:

To Day peach blossom, which owns the wild, elegant and pure beauty of the Northwest, is “the flower of generations” as no one knows its origin. When blooming, it covers the whole mountainous area with a poetic pink colour, but when they die, the petals flying in the wind can create a very enchanting scene.


The pink flowers embellish the wild mountains and forests. Photo:


Peach blossoms usually bloom before the Lunar New Year. Photo: luhanhvietnam

In the jubilant spring atmosphere all over the country, if you want to find a spring travel destination, Mu Cang Chai, Sa Pa and Ha Giang would not be a bad option. Immerse yourself in the romantic pink colour of peach blossoms amidst the mountains and forests and you will have memorable moments in your journey to discover Vietnam.