Visiting the poetic Ban Ang pine forest in the heart of Moc Chau

Visiting the poetic Ban Ang pine forest in the heart of Moc Chau

Son La - Dien Bien 15.10.2021

Moc Chau is regarded as a miniature Northwest Vietnam with the dreamy Ban Ang pine forest that attracts many tourists. At the same time, when coming here, you can also experience and discover the unique culture of the indigenous Thai people.

Translated by nguyendo

Written by giangntm

Those who are passionate about traveling should not ignore Moc Chau district in Son La province. Moc Chau attracts visitors with not only the vast green tea hills, but also a wonderful natural scene in the pine forest of Ban Ang.

The location of Ban Ang pine forest

Ban Ang pine forest is located in Dong Sang commune, Moc Chau district, Son La province, which is about 2km from the center of Moc Chau town in the direction of National Highway 43. The name of the pine forest derived from its location next to Ang Village, where about 350 households of Thai people live. Interestingly, this name can partly suggest the terrain of the village as in Thai language, “Ang” means “the pot”. In the past, this area had a small pond and was later expanded into a lake of nearly 40 hectares.


Surrounding the pine forest is a large and poetic lake. Photo:

The special climate in Ban Ang pine forest

Thanks to its favourable location on the mountain, the climate in Ban Ang pine forest has many special features: the area has a temperate climate and is always fresh and poetic. At Ban Ang pine forest, you can feel the climate of all four seasons in just one day. Visiting the forest in the morning, you can feel the chilly and fresh air like the weather in spring. At noon, the sun rises, causing the dew to melt and the air to be hot like summer, while the lake becomes sparkling and fanciful. At sunset, the whole forest becomes quiet with an autumn-like breeze. When the night comes, there is a thick layer of fog with strong wind, making the air cold like winter.


The pine forest in Ban Ang has four seasons in one day. Photo: baophapluat

Coming to the pine forest of Ban Ang

Visiting the vast pine hill

The idyllic and unspoiled natural scenery here will leave you with peaceful and memorable moments. You can enjoy breathing in the fresh cool air and admiring the romantic beauty of the forest when the rays of light shine through the pine trees. The deep brown colour of the tree trunk blends in with the fresh green colour of the pine needles and the clear blue of the sky above in the midst of breezes to create a peaceful “picture” of nature. With this charming scenery, walking around and taking some photos would be great.


The romantic nature of Ban Ang pine forest. Photo:


Taking photos with the romantic nature. Photo:

Camping on the pine hill

Due to its unique location with many hilly areas surrounding two lakes, Ban Ang pine forest would be a great place for you to camp after your visit. Therefore, you can bring your own tent and necessary equipment to have some relaxing moments here. There is nothing more wonderful than sitting, chatting, immersing yourself in the mountains and forests, and enjoying the pure nature here - this will definitely be an unforgettable memory when you come to Moc Chau.



Immersing yourself in the lives of the locals

Nature has bestowed beautiful scenery on this place, and at the same time, the people of Ban Ang are extremely friendly and hospitable. You can experience the life of the Thai people in traditional stilt houses and enjoy local dishes. The people here have many attractive specialties such as wild vegetables, Lam rice (the rice cooked in bamboo tubes), Pa Pinh Top (grilled fish), sticky rice, wine made from Men La (the kind of yeast made from forest leaves) and fish grilled in bamboo tubes.


Pa Ping Top (grilled fish) is a traditional Thai dish. Photo: zingnews

When coming here, you can also admire the colourful brocade costumes of the Thai people while listening to ancient folk songs, seeing Xoe dances and participating in their special festivals such as the New Rice Festival and Het Cha Festival. It is noted that Het Cha is the thanksgiving ceremony of those who are cured by a magician as well as to acknowledge the merits of the heaven, earth, ancestors and gods who have given people a happy and prosperous life. The sounds of the lute, trumpet and drum amidst the dreamy nature of the lake and forest make the scene most charming.


The traditional dance in the Thai festival. Photo: baohoabinh


The Het Cha festival of Thai people in Ban Ang. Photo: dulichmochchau

Directions to Ban Ang pine forest

From the center of Moc Chau town, you can follow Phan Dinh Giot street to the south to reach the pine forest. On the way to the Ban Ang tourist area, if you encounter any difficulties, you can immediately ask the people on the roadside - they are extremely friendly and enthusiastic to give you detailed directions.


Directions from Moc Chau town to Ban Ang pine forest.

The most convenient means of transport to Ban Ang pine forest is motorbike. Most of the homestays in Moc Chau will provide motorbikes for visitors, so you can be more proactive with the travel time and enjoy the beautiful scenery along the road.

Despite not being as bustling as other travel destinations, Ban Ang pine forest has a charming nature that attracts many visitors. When coming here, you will have moments of peaceful immersion in nature and discover the unique indigenous culture.