The beauty of the

The beauty of the "unspoiled paradise" of Mong Tay Island

Can Tho - Kien Giang 15.10.2021

Near Phu Quoc, Mong Tay island is likened to an “unspoiled paradise” due to its pristine nature. When coming here, you can be immersed in the blue sea and fine white sand, which is a special experience you cannot have anywhere else.

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Written by tinhnt

An introduction to Mong Tay island

Mong Tay is one of the five most beautiful small islands in Phu Quoc, which is located in Duong Hoa commune, Kien Luong district, Kien Giang province, in the south of Phu Quoc island and between Ba Lua and Hai Tac archipelago. The reason why it's called “Mong Tay” is because there are countless Mong Tay trees (pemphis acidula) on the island.


The green island with rows of coconut trees on the shore and clear sea water. Photo: Phu Quoc tourism

Activities for visitors on the island

Separated from the sea route with few ships passing by, Mong Tay island still retains its original wild features. The most interesting thing about this island is the endless space, where you can enjoy the poetic features of nature with the sound of waves and winds.


When coming to Mong Tay island, you will be able to admire rows of coconut trees embracing the fine white sand, the jade-like blue sea and undulating rocky beaches.


The stretching fine white sand beach on Hon Mong Tay island. Photo: dantri

There is nothing better than being immersed in the clear blue water, lying on the fine sand to sunbathe, while listening to the sounds of the wind and gentle waves crashing against the shore. This place will definitely give you a sense of “being a part” of the pure and unspoiled nature.


Mong Tay island has clear blue sea water, which is suitable for swimming. Photo: dantri

Snorkeling to see corals


The sea water of Mong Tay island is clear, so you do not need to dive deep to see schools of small sea fish swimming around beautiful coral reefs. Photo:

The sea at Mong Tay island is extremely clean, which is very convenient for you to experience scuba diving to see coral reefs. Notably, the coral ecosystem in Mong Tay island is considered the richest in Vietnam with 17 types of soft and hard corals, together with many different types of anemones. The coral here grows close to each other, creating a giant coral area with gorgeous, shimmering and fanciful colours. You can also enjoy watching schools of small sea fish swimming around these colourful coral reefs.


Corals at Mong Tay island. Photo: tourdulichbentre



You can experience fishing at Mong Tay island. Photo:

You can experience fishing at Mong Tay island to try being a fisherman. With a fishing rod and some bait, you can catch a lot of seafood such as fish and squid by yourself. The feeling of enjoying what you’ve caught in the sea will be a wonderful and memorable experience.


Experience being a fisherman on the island. Photo: @kimdaitrang

How to get to Mong Tay island

To get to Mong Tay island, you will have to go to Phu Quoc, then move to An Thoi port and rent a canoe to go to the island as currently there is no direct means of transportation from Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City to this destination. From An Thoi port, it only takes about 30 minutes by canoe to reach the island.



The best time to visit Mong Tay island

The most ideal time for tourists to come to Mong Tay island is from September to March, especially the period from November to January due to the warm sunny weather with little rain. At the same time, the sea is calm and convenient for canoe trips to the island.



Some notes when traveling to Mong Tay island

- It is recommended to see the weather forecast to have the best experiences on the island.

- Bring insect repellent as the island is quite wild and has many insects.

- Fully charge your phone battery and bring a power bank.

- There are few places to stay on Mong Tay island, so you can visit this place for one day and then stay at nearby hotels, resorts or motels.


Photo: @goflyroamtravel

Mong Tay island is an interesting and unique destination, which is ideal for your vacation due to its blue sea and fine white sand. Come here once and you will remember its vast space and pristine nature forever.