Four special things that attract a lot of visitors to Hoi An

Four special things that attract a lot of visitors to Hoi An

Da Nang - Quang Nam 15.10.2021

Hoi An is a destination where life goes on quietly in the midst of the ancient atmosphere. For many people, Hoi An is a place to "escape" from the noise or the fatigue of life. When they are happy, they choose to come to Hoi An; but when they are sad, they also will think of this city first. What is special about Hoi An that attracts many domestic and international tourists?

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Hoi An - The land of heritage

Regardless of ups and downs of time, the ancient town of Hoi An still retains its inherent ancient beauty as you can find a lot of complexes that are almost completely intact here.


Hoi An Ancient Town is one of the rare places in Vietnam where all the old works are preserved intact. Photo:


Old houses from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Photo:

Hoi An features ancient beauty with a peaceful space, which is also the thing that has attracted a lot of both domestic and international tourists. This ancient town by the Hoai River was recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage in 1999.


Hoi An used to be a busy commercial port. Photo:


The ancient town on the banks of Hoai river - Hoi An. Photo: Hoi An Impressions

Hoi An used to be also a place of East-West cultural interference - a busy trading port for ships from China, Japan and Western countries in the 17th and 18th centuries. Therefore, many ancient works here are “evidence” for the cultural interference among different countries, especially China, such as the Fujian Assembly Hall, the Cantonese Assembly Hall, the Duong Thuong Assembly Hall and the Hainan Assembly Hall.


Cantonese Assembly Hall with Chinese architecture in Hoi An. Photo: bazatravel

Special experiences in Hoi An

Once you have been to Hoi An, do not hesitate to stop and explore the traditional shops, especially the classic Vietnamese-style cloth shops. With a simple layout including colourful pieces of brocade, linen and old sewing machines, they bring a sense of a very ancient atmosphere of Vietnam centuries ago. Otherwise, you can visit the ancient watch shops, or stop by small and lovely shops of souvenirs, bags, flowers, ornamental plants and books.


Hoi An has many vintage-style cloth shops. Photo: chudu24


A handbag shop in Hoi An. Photo: trangantravel

Hoi An Ancient Town is very small with an area of about 2km2, so the most interesting experience when coming here is to explore each alley with a bicycle. You can leisurely cycle along the banks of Hoai River under the cool breeze and then wait until the evening to be able to fully watch the sunset on this romantic river. At night, you can travel by boat along the river to admire the poetic beauty of this town.


Cycling to visit Hoi An. Photo: thuexe45chohaianh

On the full moon days, in Hoi An, there will be a shimmering lantern festival - the surface of Hoai River will start sparkling with hundreds of colourful lanterns.Do not forget to release your own lanterns with prayers for peace and luck - the lanterns will bring people's emotions and sorrows along the flow of water.


Hoi An on the full moon nights becomes much more sparkling thanks to the lanterns released on Hoai River. Photo: travel tour


Lantern Street in Hoi An. Photo: Vietravel

You can explore Lantern Street in Hoi An as it is very colourful with all kinds of lanterns of all sizes and colours.

Hoi An seen from above

When coming to Hoi An, do not miss the opportunity to admire this ancient city from above. From the top floors of cafes, you will be able to admire this old town from a completely different angle - the small streets, red tile roofs and old yellow walls will give you moments of peace.


Hoi An seen from above. Photo: Facebook

Unique features of Hoi An cuisine

When visiting Hoi An, you can enjoy the famous specialty of Cao Lau. Despite this dish being available in many places of Vietnam, the authentic flavour can be only found here. The chewy Cao Lau noodles served with char siu, rich broth and fresh mung bean sprouts will surely impress you from the first taste.

The old town also has other delicious dishes such as Vac cake, bloating fern-shaped cake, Crushed rice crackers with stir-fried mussels and chicken rice. Some famous restaurants in Hoi An are: Ba Buoi Chicken Rice, Thanh Cao Lau, Madame Khanh's Bread, Van Loc Wonton and Gieng Ba Le Pancakes.


Cao Lau Hoi An. Photo:


Diverse and typical dishes of Hoi An. Photo:

In Hoi An, it is not difficult to find street vendors selling douhua at busy intersections. Douhua is a dish that is available everywhere, but while enjoying it in Hoi An - sitting in the middle of the street and watching the peaceful and quiet pace of life - you will be left with a completely different feeling. Each spoon of cool douhua served with crispy jelly pieces and sweet palm sugar water has made the famous “brand” of this dish for Hoi An ancient town.

The town also has many delicious sweet soups such as sweet soup with black sesame, Thung sweet soup, sweet soup with lotus seed and rice ball sweet soup.


Douhua is a simple but worth-trying dessert when you come to Hoi An. Photo:

Another drink that those who come here should definitely try is Mot tea, which is green tea marinated with fragrant lotus leaves, lemongrass and lemon. The tea is poured into a beautiful small cup and decorated with a green tea leaf and a pink lotus petal, which is very eye-catching. Drinking Mot tea on a hot day, anyone can help but praise its sweet, fragrant and refreshing taste.


Mot tea is decorated with green tea leaves and fresh lotus petals. Photo: Tam Tra

Hoi An is beautiful and peaceful with ancient houses, the romantic Hoai River and diverse cuisine. Come to Hoi An ancient town and you will be impressed and have memorable experiences about this land.