Which places in Vietnam should you visit in February?

Which places in Vietnam should you visit in February?

Ha Giang Ninh Binh Binh Dinh - Phu Yen - Khanh Hoa Binh Thuan Dong Thap - An Giang Ca Mau Ninh Thuan 15.08.2021

If you plan to travel to Vietnam at the beginning of the year, February is the most suitable time to make your journey. In the spring days of the new year, hundreds of flowers and trees sprout and blossom, making the spring scene beautiful. At the same time, the weather is neither too hot nor too cold, which is very suitable for you to have the best experiences.

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Written by hoant

The following destinations are highly recommended for you to have a trip to kick off a lucky new year.

Places to travel in February in Northern Vietnam

Ha Giang in peach and plum blossom season

For those who love nature and are especially passionate about experiencing and discovering new lands, Ha Giang should be prioritised as a travel destination in Vietnam in the early spring. Although Ha Giang is distinctly beautiful in every season, February is the most appropriate time for you to admire the blooming flowers of this Northwest region.

du lịch Hà Giang.jpg

Ha Giang tourism. Photo: CafeBiz

Without stretching fields of eye-catching buckwheat flowers, the spring of February “covers” Ha Giang with the pink and white colours of peach and plum blossoms. The weather at this time is not too cold, which is very suitable for you to visit special places such as: Co Tien Twin Mountain, Quan Ba Heaven Gate, Pao's House, Lung Cu Flagpole or Ma Pi Leng Pass.

du lịch hà giang.jpg

Traveling to Ha Giang. Photo: CafeBiz

At the beginning of the year, you can not only see the children of the rock plateau region wearing colourful dresses and playing in the immense fields of yellow rapeseed flowers, but also walk around the highland markets and enjoy specialties of the ethnic people.

Van Long lagoon (Ninh Binh)

đầm vân long.jpg

Van Long lagoon tourism. Photo: Vietnamhoinhap

Van Long lagoon is a part of Van Long Wetland Nature Reserve in the northeast of Gia Vien district, Ninh Binh province, which is likened to a “waveless bay” with strangely shaped mountains. You can take a boat on the lagoon, admire the majestic mountains and enjoy the peaceful moments in the wild and poetic natural landscape. Notably, from May to June, Van Long lagoon is covered with a pink colour of lotus blossom, while from November to April, it is the home to countless flocks of white birds.

In Van Long wetland nature reserve, there are many beautiful caves, such as Rua, Chanh, Ca and Bong, among which Ca Cave has a length of up to 250m, a height of 8m and a width of 10m. It is also a breeding ground for some fish species such as perch, snakehead fish and catfish.

đầm vân long.jpg

The poetic natural beauty of Van Long lagoon. Photo: Le Bich

Ticket prices in 2020:

- Entrance ticket: VND 20,000/each person.

- Boat ticket: VND 60,000/boat/2 people.

Places to travel in February in the South Central Coast of Vietnam

Explore the sea and islands of Binh Ba - Binh Hung

Binh Ba - Binh Hung is famous for its beautiful beaches, which is a great choice for those who intend to travel in February as the sea is calm with warm sunlight, also not as crowded as in summer - very suitable for enjoying the cool sea air. In addition, thanks to the clear seawater, you can try scuba diving to see coral reefs and experience watercraft - a thrilling game in Nom beach of Binh Ba.


Explore the sea and islands of Binh Ba, Binh Hung. Photo: thodianhatrang.vn

Entrance ticket for visiting Monkey Island: Adults - VND 180,000/person; Children: VND 90,000/person (<1.3m).

Conquer Phan Thiet sea “full of sunlight and wind”

du lịch phan thiết.jpg

Phan Thiet beach tourism - Photo: Vitraco tourism

Phan Thiet's peak tourist season is from April to September with a large number of tourists flocking here, leading to expensive services as well as limited space. That is why you can travel to this place from November to April (of the following year) with pleasant weather and less visitors.

du lịch mũi né phan thiết.jpg

Bau Trang in Phan Thiet. Photo: Golden Sands Travel

Phan Thiet attracts many visitors due to its romantic beaches, especially “Bau Trang”, which is known as the "Miniature Sahara" of Vietnam. Bau Trang was formed a long time ago and was formerly a large lake, but the locals built sand dams to cross this area. Therefore, as compared to many other sand dunes, in addition to the vast sand slopes, Bau Trang now has two lakes, namely Bau Ong and Bau Ba, where a lot of lotuses are planted, attracting many tourists.


A lot of lotuses are planted in the lakes of Bau Trang. Photo: Vntrip

You can experience sandboarding at Bau Trang at a rate of VND 10,000/board while enthusiastically being guided through the basics of how to sandboard. You can also participate in more thrilling sports like off-road special driving at a rental price of VND 175,000/10 minutes, VND 350,000/30 minutes or VND 600,000/1 hour.

Going to Vinh Hy bay - Ninh Thuan

The best time to visit Vinh Hy is from February to October with sunny weather and calm seas, which is brilliant for sightseeing. The bay has a clear blue sea surrounded by immense mountains and forests which can still retain their inherent wild beauty. Located right next to Nui Chua National Park with the sea on one side and vast mountains on three sides, Vinh Hy owns the pure beauty of the blue sea, white sand and green mountains. When coming to this place, you can immerse yourself in the clear sea water and participate in activities like scuba diving to see corals or swimming.


Traveling to Vinh Hy Bay. Photo: Top Ten Travel

Places to travel in February in Southwest Vietnam

The colourful Long Xuyen floating market - An Giang

chợ nổi long xuyên.jpg

Traveling to Long Xuyen floating market. Photo: Vnexpress

Long Xuyen floating market is about 2km from the center of An Giang city. In February, you will be able to enjoy the fresh air while sitting on the boat and enjoying a bowl of noodle soup or a cup of coffee in the morning, which are both interesting experiences. The floating market not only attracts tourists with its unique form of trading on the river, but it also has a wide range of items such as fresh vegetables, fruits and rustic dishes of Southwest Vietnam. The market is usually open from 5am to 10am.

Experience interesting activities in Dong Thap

When coming to Southwest Vietnam, you should not miss the opportunity to experience interesting activities in Dong Thap, such as visiting Tram Chim or admiring lotus flowers on a boat. As the dry season takes place in February, it is very convenient for you to explore and experience this land, especially places such as Huynh Le ancient house, Phuoc Kien pagoda, Sa Dec flower village or Tram Chim National Park.


Dong Thap Tourism. Photo: Zing.vn

Ticket prices for tourist services in Dong Thap:

- Experience “learning to be a fisherman”:  VND 150,000/person

- Travel by boat to and out of Tram Chim: VND 200,000/person

- Visit bird breeding grounds by boat (only at a fixed time of a year): VND 270,000/person

- Staying overnight at Tram Chim: VND 150,000/person

- Kayak and Hydrobike: VND 50,000/person

- Tour guide fee: about VND 100,000/person

- Other expenses: VND 100,000/person.


Dong Thap Tourism. Photo: Thamhiemmekong

Explore Ca Mau mangrove forest


Ca Mau mangrove forest seen from above. Photo: vietfuntravel

Ca Mau Cape, which is the southernmost point of Vietnam, has a dry season in February, so your travel will be more convenient during this time. Ca Mau is famous for its second largest mangrove forest in the world after the Amazon forest of South America. It covers an area of about 63,017ha over 6 districts of Tran Van Thoi, U Minh, Ngoc Hien, Nam Can, Dam Doi, and Phu Tan.

Ca Mau mangrove forest is the most diverse and characteristic ecosystem among forest types with 22 species of trees, of which the most prominent ones are salt-tolerant plants such as: mangrove, avicennia, bruguiera, sonneratia, and date-palm. In addition, the forest also has 13 species of mammals, 74 species of birds, 14 species of shrimp, 175 species of fish, and 133 species of flora and fauna, which all grow well. When coming here, you can immerse yourselves in the immense green of the forest system.


There are 22 species of trees here, of which the most prominent are salt-tolerant plants. Photo: nandan

February - as well as spring - is the time when hundreds of flowers and trees bloom and sprout, so the scenery in each region of Vietnam also has its own characteristics. If you come to the S-shaped country during this time, you should visit the above-mentioned places to discover the unique features that few places have.