Four charming and beautiful tourist destinations in Mai Chau

Four charming and beautiful tourist destinations in Mai Chau

Hoa Binh 15.08.2021

Mai Chau is considered an attractive tourist destination thanks to its wild and charming nature. Here are the beauty spots that should not be missed when you travel here.

Translated by nguyendo

Written by giangvx

Lac village

Lac village is one of the famous tourist destinations in Mai Chau district that you should not ignore when coming to this land. The village, which is a part of Chieng Chau commune, is likened to an ink-wash painting with unspoiled nature and pleasant weather.


Lac village with fog all year round. Photo: maichaubanlac

Lac village is the main residence of the White Thai ethnic group. According to historical documents, the village was formed about 600 years ago. The ups and downs of history have made the people here have virtues of solidarity to live and do business together for generations. In the past, the locals’ livelihood mainly depended on rice cultivation, brocade weaving, and animal husbandry, but thanks to the large number of visitors flocking here, the locals additionally developed tourism services.


Stilt houses in Lac village. Photo: dulichvietnam


Brocade stalls in Lac village. Photo: vntrip

As Lac village is relatively small, you can rent bicycles to visit and enjoy the scenery, including the stilt houses of the Thai people, the terraced fields and the green bamboo groves surrounding the fields. In addition, there are also colourful brocade stalls of the locals, where you can better understand the unique cultural identity of this area. The most famous dishes of this village are fragrant Lam rice (rice is grilled in bamboo tubes), grilled hill chicken (with tasty sweet meat) and grilled stream fish, all of which are very simple and rustic, but can bring you a sense of peace in the midst of unspoiled nature.


The specialty of grilled stream fish. Photo: cooky

Bicycle rental is VND 80,000/day while motorbike rental is VND 200,000/day.

Thung Khe Pass


Thung Khe Pass seen from above. Photo:

Located between Tan Lac district and Mai Chau district on National Highway 6, Thung Khe is also known as “White Stone Pass'' because after the road was opened, limestone has fallen down a cliff, creating a white landscape. Under the sunlight, the white colour of the pass becomes more sparkling and eye-catching.


The poetic scenery at Thung Khe Pass. Photo: vnexpress

The pass is located at an altitude of 1,000m above sea level and very famous for its roughness and unspoiled nature around. Standing at Thung Khe pass, you will be able to see the majestic mountains and forests, coupled with house roofs looming in vast valleys. At the foot of the pass is a small market selling local products such as Lam rice, upland glutinous corn, cassava and boar.


Standing from Thung Khe Pass and looking down, you will be able to see the unspoiled nature of this place. Photo: dulich24

Another special feature in Thung Khe pass is that you can experience four seasons in one day - cool in the morning, pleasant at noon, hot in the afternoon and cold in the evening.


Thung Khe Pass seen from another angle. Photo: @khoabicycle

Go Lao Waterfall

Go Lao, also known as Go Mu, is a small waterfall in Phuc San commune, about 15km to the west of Mai Chau district. From Tong Dau junction to Moc Chau, you will easily find the waterfall when going through the earthen steps built by the locals.


Go Lao waterfall is quite pristine. Photo: @kitti89

The waterfall is a destination for those who are passionate about exploring and experiencing unspoiled nature as it is very pristine without influences from humans. The waterfall is the fusion of Phieng Sa and Thung Can streams, with a height of 30m and is divided into three cascades flowing on steep cliffs like a strip of soft white silk between the mountains. In the rainy season, the large amount of water from the upstream rushes down, creating cool mist all over the ravines, while in the dry season, the flow of water is weak, but the waterfall does not lose its grandeur. At the foot of the waterfall are undulating rocky layers and a clear lake which can reflect the clouds in the sky.


From a distance, Go Lao waterfall looks like a strip of white silk. Photo: Foody

Currently, only a few tourists choose to come here as the roads leading to the waterfall are very rough and inconvenient. To go down to the waterfall or swim there, you should equip yourself with good brogues and life jackets to ensure your safety as tourism services are limited here. It is important to note that you should not visit the waterfall in the rainy season as the roads are quite slippery.


If you do not know how to swim, bring a life jacket to ensure your safety. Photo: @tanipetrush

Ba Khan

Ba Khan, a commune of Mai Chau district, is located at the foot of Thung Khe pass with three hamlets of Khan Ho, Khan Thuong and Khan Ha along the Da River. Despite its modest area of only about 20 square kilometers, the commune attracts many tourists thanks to its charming mountain scenery, which is known as "Ha Long Bay on land".


Ba Khan is likened to "Ha Long Bay on land". Photo: ivivu

Ba Khan is nestled in a valley at the foot of the pass with fields of rugged rocks interspersed with fields of water lilies on both sides. When visiting Ba Khan, you will be able to see the scenery of one side with the blue Da river flowing through the small undulating islands and the other side of majestic cliffs. The highlight of this destination is the tranquil Ba Khan lake, and the most impressive thing here is probably the scene at sunrise and sunset. At dawn, the space is fanciful with mist spreading across the valley, obscuring both the winding roads and the mountains. Meanwhile, at sunset, the undulating islands on the lake surface blend with the orange-red sunlight on the water to create a romantic scene. To fully enjoy the beauty of Ba Khan lake, you can rent a boat to travel around it with the ticket price ranging from VND 100,000 - 120,000/person/time.


The small undulating islands in Ba Khan Lake. Photo: @vedugx


The lake is calm and clear. Photo: @village

In addition to enjoying the charming scenery in Mai Chau, you can enjoy delicious and unique dishes such as the sweet and fragrant boar, roasted wild bee larvae with sour bamboo shoots, grilled stream fish, and fried cicadas.


Boar is one of Ba Khan's specialties. Photo: jamja

Mai Chau will definitely make you feel excited and surprised with its charming and beautiful nature. At the same time, it is highly recommended that you visit this land once to understand more about the unique cultural features of the local people.