Four beautiful pristine islands in Phu Yen that can “steal your heart”

Four beautiful pristine islands in Phu Yen that can “steal your heart”

Binh Dinh - Phu Yen - Khanh Hoa 15.08.2021

Phu Yen is famous for being a province of seas and islands, and here are 4 famous pristine islands with beautiful and captivating nature.

Translated by nguyendo

Written by giangvx

Hon Yen


The bigger island is called “Hon Yen”, while the smaller one is “Hon Sun”. Both of them are about 100m from Nhon Hoi village. Photo: dulichvietnam

Hon Yen is located in Nhon Hoi village, An Hoa commune, Tuy An district. As the island used to be the home to many swiftlets, it was named “Yen” (which means “swiftlet” in Vietnamese) - but due to climate change, it is no longer the inhabitation of this kind of bird. Regardless of this fact, the locals still call this island by that familiar name.


Visitors often come to Hon Yen to enjoy the wild beauty. Photo: @k.h.i.n.

Hon Yen still retains its wild features. From Nhon Hoi village overlooking the sea, you will be able to see two islands which are about 100m away from the shore: the bigger one with a giant top is called “Hon Yen”, while the smaller one is “Hon Sun”. In 2018, these two islands and a number of other small islands in the area (such as Hon Choi, Vung Choi, Ban Than, and Ganh Yen) were recognized as a national scenic relic.


You can see the coral reefs when the water recedes. Photo: @svietnammm.

In addition to being able to see the intact natural scenery in Hon Yen, you can see the corals when the water recedes. On the first days of the month or on the full moon day, when the tide is at its minimum, the coastal road connecting Hon Sun to Hon Yen will appear. This is the time when you can see the coral reefs right on the water surface with many types, shapes and eye-catching colours.


The fishing season in Hon Yen. Photo: dulichtamlong

Hon Yen also attracts tourists, especially photographers in the fishing season from May to August (solar calendar), which is also the time of catching anchovies. Anchovy are a transparent white fish with a small body like a toothpick. At this time, fishermen's boats are “busy” going out to sea and releasing fishing nets to catch this kind of fish, which creates a very unique scene. When released into the sea, the net seems to be very large; that is why when the fishermen pull it back, the net has different shapes such as heart, leaf, circle, etc. Many photographers liken the sea in Hon Yen during the fishing season as an “art stage”, while the fishermen are “dancers” creating "net flowers".

Nhat Tu Son

Nhat Tu Son is an island in Xuan Tho 1 commune, Song Cau town - about 50km to the north of Tuy Hoa city center. This is the most beautiful island in Xuan Dai Bay with an area of ​​about 6 hectares.


The road in the middle of the sea leading to Nhat Tu Son island. Photo: dulichdaiphong

Nhat Tu Son island attracts many tourists with its wild beauty and the unique road in the middle of the sea with a length of about 300m. The road will appear when the tide recedes according to this rule: from the 1st-15th lunar day, the tide will recede in the afternoon, while for the rest days of the month, the tide will be at its minimum in the morning. As the highest point of seawater is just as high as an adult's waist, passing through this road to the island is safe. Traveling by canoe to go to the island is also possible here, but by doing so, you will not be able to experience this unique road.


Nhat Tu Son island seen from above. Photo: vntrip

It is said that the reason why the island is called “Nhat Tu Son” is because its shape is like the word "Nhat" in Chinese. The island is like a “natural wall” against the wind and waves, helping the two fishing villages of My Thanh and Hai My on both sides of the island not be seriously affected by storms. On the island is a system of primeval forests with fresh air, which brings a sense of relaxation to visitors. On the west of the island are gentle slopes with a series of giant crape-myrtle trees; the southern area has many steep cliffs with yellow apricots and old trees; while the eastern side is covered with rocks arranged in steps like seats.


The island is covered with green from primeval forests. Photo: Vntrip

Hon Nua


The sea water in Hon Nua is clear enough to see the seabed. Photo:

Hon Nua is located at the foot of Ca Pass, which has a special position between Phu Yen and Khanh Hoa provinces. This place is likened to an "oblivious paradise" with a unique natural beauty - which are continuous layers of stones and endless  beaches with smooth white sand. At the same time, the sea water here is clear enough for you to see the seabed, which can “steal your heart” easily. You can also experience scuba diving to see coral reefs in Hon Nua. Although the coral system here is not too diverse, it is still beautiful and gorgeous, which can partly help you obtain some knowledge about the regional undersea ecosystem.


Intact nature in Hon Nua. Photo: @vuong.hai.lam.109.

Hon Nua also has beaches with large rocks, creating an overwhelming scene. Therefore, this island is not only romantic and poetic, but also majestic, attracting many domestic and international tourists.


Hon Nua. Photo: @tyxsomewhere.

Hon Chua


Captivating Hon Chua. Photo:

Hon Chua is about 7km from the mainland, located in the cluster of Hon Than and Hon Dua islands off the coast of Long Thuy sea, in the territory of An Phu commune, Tuy Hoa city. This island is very pristine with many types of weeds and luxuriant bushes, but has very fresh air. From a distance, Hon Chua is like a green vegetation stretching on the sea.


Hon Chua seen from a distance. Photo: dulichvietnam

The island has many large and small rocks stacked on each other, together with steep cliffs created by the erosion of ocean waves. Around Hon Chua are many diverse coral reefs with an area of ​​about 100 hectares, so you can swim and enjoy scuba diving here.


Clear sea water at Hon Chua. Photo: dulichvietnam

On the top of Hon Chua island, there is also a stone foundation which, according to many people, is the old foundation of an ancient temple. Legend has it that this temple was a place where a concubine of Lord Nguyen Anh led a religious life. In the sixth lunar month of every year, the locals will hold a festival to pray for peace and luck for their “fishing industry”.

To get to Hon Chua by canoe, you have to pay a ticket with a price ranging from VND 130,000 - 200,000/person.

The above-mentioned intact islands in Phu Yen are the right destination for those who love to experience pure nature. You will definitely have unforgettable moments about this land.