Lam Vien Square - the unique “heart” of Da Lat city

Lam Vien Square - the unique “heart” of Da Lat city

Lam Dong 15.08.2021

Da Lat is famous for being one of the places with many unique and beautiful tourist destinations in Vietnam. Among its beauty spots, Lam Vien Square is known as the typical symbol of this “foggy city” - a must-visit destination for anyone coming to Da Lat.

Translated by nguyendo

Written by tinhnt

The location of Lam Vien Square

Located on Tran Quoc Toan Street, Ward 1, Da Lat City (facing Xuan Huong Lake), Lam Vien Square is considered the "heart" of “the city of thousands of flowers”.


Lam Vien Square with the building in the shape of a yellow wild sunflower when viewed from above. Photo:


Photo: @im.xuuu

Attractive features of Lam Vien Square

Constructed in 2009, Lam Vien square covers an area of more than 72,000m2, based on the design of architect Tran Van Dung. Some works in the square include: fountain area, lawn area, trees, parking lot and stands.

The highlight of the square are two unique artistic architectural works designed with a variety of unique stained glass. On one side is a giant wild sunflower-shaped building, while the building on the other side is shaped like an artichoke bud.


Lam Vien Square. Photo:

The wild sunflower-shaped building

This is the main building of the square with a height of 18m and an area of ​​about 1,200m2. Inside of the building is a stage with a capacity of 1,500 seats. Based on its descriptive design, the outside border of the building is designed with yellow glass to create petals of a wild sunflower, which is the typical flower of Da Lat. The rest of the building is tiled with green glass.



The inside of the “wildflower building” is a stage for art performances, which can accommodate up to 1,500 participants.


The building is like a wild sunflower. Photo:


The space around the building. Photo: vnexpress

Artichoke bud-shaped building

Next to the giant wild sunflower block is the artichoke bud-shaped building with a height of 15m and a coffee shop inside, covering an area of 1,500m2. The building is tied with blue and yellow tempered glass panels arranged in the shape of a spiral as an artichoke flower bud.


The “artichoke bud building” is designed with blue and yellow transparent glass. Photo: @hnphng_


Inside is a cafe with a large and airy space. Photo: @ashleechil

In addition to the two main buildings that are the symbols of the square, the surrounding area is also covered with many other impressive works, such as the grandstand, the sprinkler system, amusement parks, exhibition areas, commercial centers, etc.


The sprinkler system in Lam Vien square. Photo:


At night, the artichoke bud-shaped building is colourful due to countless electric bulbs, creating a sparkling highlight in the middle of the square. Photo:

Lam Vien Square -  the “photo paradise” in Da Lat

Visitors come to Lam Vien Square not only to enjoy the scenery and the fresh air, but also to take photos.


The square has countless beautiful backgrounds and you can "hunt" for impressive pictures wherever you are. Photo: @lh96w


Two buildings of a wild sunflower and an artichoke bud attract many tourists to take pictures. Photo: @mabubeo_


You can also take photos by Xuan Huong Lake or with flower gardens, etc. Photo: zingnews


The sparkling square at night. Photo: Vnexpress

In addition to being an ideal place for taking photos, Lam Vien Square also attracts many tourists as there are many interesting games for visitors to participate in here, such as kite flying, electric cars and roller skating. You can also enjoy a wide range of snacks such as grilled rice paper, hot soy milk, strawberry shake, mango shake, fried fish ball, etc. Lam Vien square is also the place where the Da Lat Flower Festival is held. When participating in the festival, you will be able to admire many colorful flowers and ornamental plants, as well as enjoy Dalat wines. In 2019, the festival was held from December 20 to January 2, 2020.

When visiting Da Lat, you should definitely come to Lam Vien square to see the impressive architecture and join in many interesting activities here, which will give you an impressive experience about “the city of thousands of flowers”.