The four wild and majestic waterfalls in Dak Lak

The four wild and majestic waterfalls in Dak Lak

Hanoi Dak Lak 15.07.2021

These four most beautiful and majestic waterfalls in Dak Lak, which are associated with fascinating legends, will definitely make you curious.

Translated by nguyendo

Written by trangnt

Dray Nur Waterfall - the “white wall” of the forest

Dray Nur waterfall is considered a symbol of the Central Highlands in general and Dak Lak in particular. Dray Sap and Dray Nur waterfalls are respectively likened to the “Husband Waterfall” and “Wife Waterfall”. Both of them are associated with the legend of the famous Serepok river. This is also one of the famous majestic waterfalls in Dak Lak.

Dray Nur Waterfall is associated with a touching love story. In the past, the Serepok river meandered through this region. There was a boy from the village of Kuop who fell deeply in love with a girl from another village on the other bank of the river. As the two families had a long-standing enmity, their love was prevented. Feeling so sad, the young couple committed a suicide by jumping into the Serepok River to be together forever. Giang (the Heaven) thought that the two villages were too selfish, so he “threw” thunderstorms into the region. The next day, the Serepok River was split into two streams in two directions. These two tributaries are called Krong Ana river (Cai river - which creates the Dray Nur or Wife Waterfall), and Krong No river (Duc river - which creates Dray Sap or Husband Waterfall).


The majestic Dray Nur Waterfall. Photo:

The waterfall has a length of over 250m, a height of over 30m, and a width of about 150m. The water rushes down with a lot of white foam and steam, making the scenery very poetic. Standing in the middle of the Central Highlands and listening to the sounds from the waterfall, you can feel the smallness of people in front of the majesty of the mountains and forests. That feeling will definitely help you escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

The most unique thing about this waterfall lies in the 3,000m2 cave behind. It is not a kind of challenge that everyone dares to adventure into the rushing waterfall. Once getting inside, you even need to stay strong as there is almost no light in the cave. The low temperature and the dim light are things that stimulate the adventurous. To explore the cave, you need to wear a life jacket and follow professional guidance from tour operators to ensure your safety.

CNDL_VN_TN_Thac Dray Nur_transviet_the_wandering_lantern.png

The most unique thing about this waterfall lies in the 3,000m2 cave behind. Photo:

From the Dray Nur Waterfall, you can walk along the trails in the primeval forest, where there is a rich forest ecosystem, especially the giant trees with thousands of years old and caves full of steam.

You can only enjoy the specialties of the Central Highlands, but you can also have the opportunity to experience the cultural exchange program of gongs, drinking “Can” wine and building campfires.

- Address: Located next to the Krong Ana river, Dak Lak province

- Ticket price (in 2020): VND 30,000/ticket/adult, with a free cup of coffee

- Opening hours: 6am - 6pm.

Dray K'nao Waterfall - "the girl in the forest"


Dray K'nao Waterfall is as gentle as a young girl in the deep forest. Photo:

The Dray K'nao Waterfall is associated with the legend of filial piety. Legend has it, in the past, there was a girl named Dray K'nao who lived with her mother in a village. One day, her mother was seriously ill. As she was told that there was a herb that could save her mother's life, she set out to find it. She tried to find it for such a long time, but still couldn't find that precious herb - until her legs were swollen and her whole body was scratched by thorns. One day, she was so tired that she laid on a rock and died on it. Finally, her body and her hair turned into a waterfall flowing through the forest. After that, people named the waterfall after Dray K'nao to commemorate her filial piety.

Unlike Dray Nur, Dray K'nao waterfall meanders around the surrounding rocks. The entire waterfall is formed by different layers of rocks at different heights. The special thing about this place is the appearance of creeping roots or old trees with a long root system. The Chinese Banyan trees with fasciculated roots tightly wrap the rocks. You will definitely feel overwhelmed when seeing the scene of water falling from the top of the waterfall into the ground.


Coupled with the sound of birdsong and flowing streams, the fresh and peaceful space will definitely leave you a strong impression in Dray K'nao. Photo:

Coming to Dray K'nao waterfall, you should try to experience the feeling of immersing yourself in the cold water. Coupled with the sound of birdsong and flowing streams, the fresh and peaceful space will definitely leave you a strong impression here.

If you have time, you should stay overnight, participate in the community activities of the locals, and listen to the legends from the village elders by the fire. This is also an ideal place in Dak Lak to camp overnight.

- Address: Krong Jin commune, M'Drak district, Dak Lak province

- Opening hours: 7am - 5pm

- Ticket price (2020): VND 15,000/person

Krong Kmar Waterfall - the wild beauty of Dak Lak

Not as majestic as other waterfalls in Dak Lak, Krong Kmar still fascinates tourists due to its wild and primitive beauty. Like a girl nestled in the green Chu Yang Sin range, Krong Kmar is still a “mystery'' to many tourists as it is hard to find the way to this waterfall. For that reason, it is considered an interesting place for the adventurous.


The pristine Krong Kmar Waterfall. Photo: mytour

Legend has it that, once upon a time, there was a tribe that set out together to find a new land to reside in. They stopped by this stream and looked for food and water and eventually decided to settle down here. The villagers then became prosperous with a lot of descendants, so they called this stream “Krong Kmar”. Over time, Krong Kmar became the beautiful waterfall as it is today.

Krong Kmar Waterfall attracts visitors by its successive stone steps and cascades that flow in steps, creating vivid sounds in the forest. On the peak of Chu Yang Sin mountain range at an altitude of more than 200m, there is a wide lake, whose water is clear. It is tens of meters deep, located in the middle of a peaceful pine forest with birdsong all year round. This scene is in stark contrast to other waterfalls rushing down with white foam.


The wide lake with clear blue water on the top of the Chu Yang Sin mountain range. Photo:

Chu Yang Sin National Forest has an area of nearly 60,000 hectares and hundreds of rare species of forest trees. Although the journey leading to the waterfall is somewhat difficult, you will feel very impressed and surprised if standing on the top of the mountain and admiring the vast scenery of mountains and forests full of birdsongs.

- Ticket price (in 2020): VND 15,000/person

- Location: Krong Kmar town, Krong Bong district, Dak Lak province

- Opening time: 8am - 5pm



The unique Bay Nhanh (Seven Branches) Waterfall

As one of the four great waterfalls of the Central Highlands, Bay Nhanh waterfall is likened to a giant hand with seven fingers spreading out as its seven sub-waterfalls fall into a large lake. Each branch of the waterfall has a different characteristic, such as: the branch with Chinese Banyan trees, the branch with countless rocks, and the branch full of pebble stones.


The Bay Nhanh Waterfall. Photo:

Coming to Bay Branch Waterfall, you can walk on bamboo bridges under the Chinese Banyan trees. At the same time, you can enjoy the “Can” wine on wooden floors amidst the lively natural scenery of mountains and forests - above is the sound of birdsong, while below is the sound of a waterfall flowing through rocky crevices.



You can also ride elephants in YokDon National Park, experience the gong culture with the H'Mong people, and enjoy specialties of Dak Lak.

- Location: N'DRech village, Ea Huar commune, Buon Don district, Dak Lak province.

- Opening hours: 7am - 10pm

- Entrance fee: VND 30,000/person

Not only is Dak Lak famous for mountains, but it also attracts tourists by the majestic waterfalls and mysterious legends. Come to these above-mentioned four waterfalls and you can feel the wildness of this land.