Pork rice paper rolls - Da Nang specialties whetting visitors’ appetite

Pork rice paper rolls - Da Nang specialties whetting visitors’ appetite

Da Nang - Quang Nam 04.06.2021

Pork rice paper roll is a famous dish of Da Nang which has won the hearts of many tourists. The dish has simple ingredients, but its special taste makes diners impressed from the first taste.

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Pork rice paper rolls is one of the typical dishes of Da Nang. Although it is not as popular as spring rolls, this dish has been increasingly favoured by tourists due to its harmony of taste and color.


Regardless of its simplicity, pork rice paper roll has a distinct taste. Photo: hotdeal.vn

What’s inside pork rice paper rolls?

Pork rice paper rolls is a dish with “rustic” ingredients and simple processing, but the way of choosing fresh ingredients will affect its deliciousness and whet your appetite.

A full pork rice paper roll serving includes:

The best parts of pork will be selected, such as thigh and boston butt from a pig weighing 50 - 70kg for delicious meat. The meat must be both fat and lean so that it will be neither too dry nor too greasy. Meat can be boiled, but the best is to steam to keep the sweetness. When slicing, make sure to keep a piece of fat along the slice with a piece of skin at the ends, then arrange them on a plate.


Two ends with some fat. Photo: TravelMag

Rice paper is made from rice flour and water, and then steamed on a cloth on a steam boiler and dried. The standard papers must be fragrant, soft, and will not be crumbled when rolled. It’s very easy to find raw vegetables served with this dish, which are typical in Vietnamese cuisine such as fresh lettuce, basil, fish mint, perilla, green banana and sliced pineapple.


A full serving of pork rice paper rolls will include meat, vegetables and a sauce called “mam nem”.

Photo: hanamihotel.com

The pork rice paper roll would never be perfect without “mam nem”. The general recipe of this sauce includes the extract of fermented anchovy, chili, garlic (to increase the spicy taste) and pineapple to add sweetness.

How to enjoy pork rice paper rolls

In addition to flavors, the standard way of eating will make the dish more delicious. The way you arrange the ingredients will determine the roundness, firmness, as well as the flavor blend of ingredients of the rolls.


Enjoy the delicious pork rice paper rolls in the right way. Photo: aFamily.vn

You should arrange layers of raw vegetables alternating with pork, gently wrap, dip it in the sauce and enjoy. You will be able to feel the chewy taste of rice paper, the soft and fatty taste of pork, the cool taste of raw vegetables, the acrid taste of green banana and the spicy taste with the unique aroma of “mam nem”. All of them together will create an “emotionally” great dish which will “impress you forever”.


You will be able to feel the chewy taste of rice paper, the soft and fatty taste of pork, the cool taste of raw vegetables, the acrid taste of green banana and the spicy taste with the unique aroma of “mam nem”.

Photo: dulichbanagiare.com

Places to enjoy the best pork rice paper rolls in Da Nang

“The sauce will make the difference in the deliciousness of the pork rice paper rolls” is a saying that most of you will hear when asking about the best places offering this dish. Here are some famous places in Da Nang for you:

Mau restaurant

Address: 35 Do Thuc Tinh, Ward Khue Trung, Cam Le District

Price: VND 60,000-165,000/serving

This is said to be the oldest and famous pork rice paper roll restaurant in Da Nang due to its novel processing. The special feature of the restaurant is the fresh and delicious pork cut with two ends perfectly combined of fat and lean. The meat is medium-boiled to create the sweet, fragrant and deep taste.

A full serving of Mau's pork rice paper rolls will include a plate of pork, wet rice paper, rice paper, raw vegetables and “mam nem”. In addition to the pork, the sauce and raw vegetables of the restaurant are very special. You will see a big tray of raw vegetables with a variety of vegetables such as lettuce, basil, perilla, spring onions, cabbage, cucumbers and so on. The sauce of Mau restaurant is really unmistakable as it perfectly blends the taste of sea fish, garlic and hot chili. When dipping, you will feel both the sweetness and saltiness.

Currently, the restaurant has 3 branches located on Do Thuc Tinh and Trung Nu Vuong streets with a large and airy space with a capacity of up to 100 people.


Pork rice paper rolls at Mau restaurant. Photo: place.vn

Tran restaurant


- 11 Nguyen Van Linh

- 04 Le Duan

- 300 Hai Phong

- Price: VND 179,000/serving


Coming to Da Nang to enjoy the specialty at Tran restaurant. Photo: pasgo.vn

The pork rice paper roll specialty of Tran restaurant is carefully prepared from the selection of meat. That’s why the pork is soft, fragrant, sweet, but not too greasy. You will have two options of meat, one of which is the pork with two fat ends, and the other option is Dai Loc pork.

Diners will enjoy 10 different types of green, clean vegetables such as banana flower, mango, green banana, lettuce and so on. The cool and fresh flavor of vegetables combined with sweet meat will balance the taste. The sauce here, according to the chefs, is made from fresh anchovies, garlic, green chilli and lemon, which will reduce the fishy smell and increase the deep flavor of the sauce.

Mrs. Mua's restaurant

Address: 93 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Hai Chau District

Price: VND 65,000/serving

The pork here is steamed to retain the sweetness. The dipping sauce at the restaurant is also very delicious and unique with a strong flavor.


The pork at Mrs. Mua's restaurant is steamed to retain the sweetness. Photo: Baomoi.com

Pork rice paper rolls is not a delicacy, but attractive thanks to the way they are enjoyed with the harmonious taste of meat with vegetables and typical sauces, leaving diners unforgettable experiences.