Four lovely and quiet cafes attracting tourists in the winter of Hanoi

Four lovely and quiet cafes attracting tourists in the winter of Hanoi

Hanoi 16.04.2021

The winter of Hanoi are one of the ideal times to "nestle" in the warm corners of restaurants, enjoy a cup of hot coffee and tell each other our own stories. If you are looking for a lovely quiet space suitable for gathering with a variety of drinks, you can visit these four "super hot" cafes recommended by below!

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Written by trangnt

De.TAM - poetic space for those who love silence

The peaceful space at De.TAM will make you feel cozy and comfortable. Photo:

De.TAM is a familiar address for those who fall in love with Hanoi. The cafe is located on the campus of an old villa with a garden, whose ancient beauty is skillfully combined with the modernity, making it a peaceful place with many impressive highlights.

Sitting by the window with the winter sunlight, sipping a cup of hot tea and eating a cake, reading a couple of books, newspapers or relaxing with some melodious music, you can find peace of mind, and slowly feel the whole winter of Hanoi.



While De.TAM "fulfils the responsibility" of a cafe to serve drinks and cakes, it also offers diners lunches with a variety of dishes, such as grilled chicken salad with orange sauce, pasta with parsley pesto sauce, grilled beef burger, brown rice with grilled chicken with teriyaki sauce and so on.

Address: No. 33 Yen The, Dong Da District, Hanoi

Average price: VND 50,000 - 70,000/item.

Opening hours: 8:00 - 24:00

Jouri Dessert & Tea - delicate decorations

A corner of Jouri Dessert & Tea. Photo:

Featuring the design of a youthful and modern style with bright tones, Jouri Dessert & Tea is an attractive destination for Hanoi's young people. The cafe takes full advantage of the cozy indoor space with uniquely decorated yellow lights and a sunny outdoor garden to create eye-catching backgrounds. This place gives you a sense of relaxation with a delicate and minimal decor style.

Another selling point of Jouri Dessert & Tea is a diverse menu with drinks such as coffee, smoothie, ice blended drinks and herbal tea. Depending on your preference, you can choose different drinks. The shop also offers some delicious cakes such as raspberry roll cream cake, chocolate mousse, passion fruit cheese, cheesecake with orange sauce, panna cotta and so on.



Address: 10 Khuc Hao, Dien Bien Ward, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi

Average price: VND 50,000 - 100,000/item

Opening hours: 9:00 - 23:00

Maison De Blanc - the luxurious French-style bakery cafe

If you are looking for a bakery cafe in Hanoi, Maison De Blanc is a good choice.


The dishes and drinks of Maison De Blanc are always impressively decorated. Photo:

Maison De Blanc has soon captured the hearts of young people by its dreamy and luxurious white-tone design with eye-catching French decorative details. The way of arranging dark-color tables and chairs in a fresh green garden on a white wall background creates the uniqueness for this bakery cafe. The peaceful and luxurious space can easily satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Maison De Blanc is also famous for its delicious menu of drinks and cakes. A hot cup of coffee with a small plate of beautiful cakes will be a perfect set for you on cold winter days of Hanoi.


Address: 5 Tay Ho, Quang An, Tay Ho, Hanoi

Average price: VND 50,000 - 150,000/item

Opening hours: 7:00 - 22:30

Xofa Café & Bistro - the place for those who stay up all night with Hanoi

“Nestling” on the corner of Tong Duy Tan street, Xofa Café & Bistro is a cafe operating 24/24 in Hanoi. This is the ideal stopover for those who want to stay up at night with Hanoi or simply to gather with friends.

Xofa Café & Bistro owns a cozy indoor space on winter nights with classical Western architecture - polite but gentle. Most of the interiors are made of wood, reinforcing its classical vibes. Xofa Café & Bistro also has a unique outdoor space under the dreamy foliage of starfruit trees.


European menu at Xofa Café & Bistro. Photo:

The menu of this beautiful cafe is based on the European style with a variety of dishes, from appetizers to main dishes, desserts and drinks that are prepared by its own recipes, ensuring the suitability for customers. Don’t forget to try a cup of coconut cream coffee and a large plate of french fries - one of the combos that most customers order.

Xofa Café & Bistro attracts visitors thanks to a quiet and European-style space.

Source: Fanpage Xofa Café & Bistro. Photo:

Address: 14 Tong Duy Tan, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Average price: VND 50,000 - 200,000/item

Opening hours: 24/24

When going to Hanoi in winter to view the scenic spots or eating special cuisine, you should try visiting a cozy coffee shop to feel the peaceful pace of life in this capital. You will definitely have typical relaxing moments in Vietnam.