About NEM-VN

Having visited many countries around the world, we have had many unique travel experiences. It is clear to us that the most complete ones are in the places where there are harmonious combinations between humans and nature. In those places, tourism development and economic growth do not disrupt nature. In contrast, the prosperity helps people to have better understanding about preserving valuable resources through sustainable development.

We love Vietnam, a country with the natural diversity and a charming culture. However, most locals have not realized the connection that the resources they have are the driving forces of the socio-economic prosperity. Their culture stories have not been properly elaborated or have been gradually forgotten. Therefore, in comparison with other countries in the vicinity, Vietnam tourism development lags far behind, even though the potential is huge.

With Nem-vn.net, together, we would like to introduce, in the most truehearted way, the nature and people of this land. Nem-vn.net can be considered as a window for the world to see, not only the sublime nature, but also fascinating culture stories of Vietnam; to inspire people to discover an attractive and friendly destination. In return, this connection will contribute to the conveyance of the messages about the conservation and sustainable use of those resources to local people.

NEM is a traditional dish, wraps up pure Vietnamese traditional flavors, well-balanced and harmonious. Besides PHO, NEM is one of the icon of the cuisine here. The emotions brought by the pleasant blend of flavor will surely make you more surprised than what is presented before your eyes. That is the reason why we chose the name NEM (www.nem-vn.net), where Vietnamese spirit is expressed sincerely, idyllically, whilst bringing unique sensation about Vietnam.