Five ideal tourist attractions you must visit when travelling to Binh Thuan

Five ideal tourist attractions you must visit when travelling to Binh Thuan

Binh Thuan 16.04.2021

Together with explore Binh Thuan through extremely hot destinations to see how special this land is!

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Cu Lao Cau

Cu Lao Cau, also known as Hon Cau, is a small island in Phuoc The commune, Tuy Phong district, Binh Thuan province. About 110km from Phan Thiet city, Cu Lao Cau appears as a large warship attracting tourists by its immense blue water, surrounded by thousands of colorful rocks in different strange shapes.


Cu Lao Cau with clear blue sea and rocky beaches with impressive shapes. Photo: Halotrave

According to the elders here, Cu Lao Cau used to be a hiding place for pirates. In World War 2, these gangs robbed many Japanese cargo ships. This was also the whereabouts of Tay Son's army of Lord Nguyen Anh and King Gia Long. It is said that King Gia Long dug a well to find water during his stay on the island, and today this well is still around and regarded as “Gia Long well”. The water in the well is very clear and cool, especially very fresh.

Visitors can swim and immerse themselves in a clear blue sea with the fresh air on a remote island. Do not forget to admire the typical beauty here with a series of beautiful destinations such as the coral beach, Yen cave, Ba Hon cave, Nam Hai temple and so on.


Blue sea and white sand in Cu Lao Cau are ideal choices for travel addicts. Photo:

The appropriate time to come to Cu Lao Cau is from April to August of the solar calendar, when the island is most beautiful with calm waves and sea, cool breeze and bright sunshine. There are often storms during the rest time of the year.

Enjoy swimming in the sea. Photo:

Mui Ne

If you are looking for a destination for the summer vacation, Mui Ne will be an ideal choice. This is a sea cape (in Phan Thiet city, Binh Thuan province) with a long stretch of coast, blue sea, white sand, and rows of coconut trees. Each season, Mui Ne has its different beauty. Visitors can choose to travel to Mui Ne - Phan Thiet from April to August to enjoy swimming, or from August to December to experience extreme sports like windsurfing.

Some famous tourist spots in Mui Ne you should visit are:

Hon Rom


Peaceful scene at Hon Rom. Photo: vietravel

This is a small wild mountain in Long Son hamlet, Mui Ne ward - which is a great place to watch sunrise, sunset, moon and stars. Hon Rom has no reefs, but the water is extremely clear and blue, very suitable for swimming. This site includes Hon Rom 1, Hon Rom 2 and Thuy Trang beach.

Cat Hong Hill


Cat Hong Hill in Mui Ne. Photo: diadanhbinhthuan

Cat Hong Hill is quite near Hon Rom, and it is known as one of the most beautiful sights in Mui Ne. This destination stands out for its long and wavy sandy beaches with 18 different colors, which is a special feature attracting visitors. You can try sandboarding at the price of about VND 20,000/ticket.

Hon Ghenh


Hon Ghenh is a peaceful and beautiful place in Mui Ne. Photo: chudu24

This place is also known as Hon Lao, which is about 1km from Mui Ne. To reach here, you need to take a fisherman's boat (VND 200,000/10 people) or ask for your hotel’s service. Coming to Hon Ghenh, you can watch the beautiful sunset on the sea, snorkel and watch the coral or go fishing to experience fisherman's life.

Bau Trang - Bau Sen


Poetic Bau Trang - Bau Sen. Photo: dulichvietd

These are two natural freshwater lakes located among immense white sand dunes. Coming to Bau Trang in summer, visitors can admire thousands of lotus flowers blooming in the lake amidst sand dunes, which is a unique beauty that you cannot find elsewhere. You can rent an all-terrain vehicle or a Jeep to conveniently explore Bau Trang at the cost of about VND 600,000/20 minutes.

Suoi Tien


Suoi Tien has a very typical red-orange sand hill in Mui Ne. Photo: mytour

Suoi Tien in Mui Ne is actually a small stream next to Hon Rom with a length of about 3km. Its depth is at your ankle or calf, which is very easy to explore the whole stream. The unique feature of Suoi Tien is a red-orange-colored sand hill with “sandy stalactites” shaped like a tower pointing up to the sky due to the erosion of time.

Fishing village of Mui Ne

The peaceful fishing village of Mui Ne. Photo:

The fishing village of Mui Ne is about 3km from the town centre, where you can see hundreds of colorful boats at the entrance. This fishing village only stretches about 100m, but it will help you feel the busy and hard life of fishermen here. In the early morning, visitors can buy a lot of fresh seafood when the boat just arrives.

The pristine Co Thach Beach

Co Thach Beach is located in Tuy Phong district, about 100km from Phan Thiet. In Binh Thuan province, Co Thach beach is ranked among the most pristine beaches with clear blue water and diverse rock and sand populations.

Coming here, not only can visitors enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, but they can also admire the seven-color rocky beach with many strange and beautiful shapes. In March, the large rocks in Co Thach are all covered with a layer of dark green moss (sometimes glistening in the golden sunlight), creating a unique scene. Photographers and tourists often regard Co Thach beach at this time as the "moss hunting" season - "hunting" for beautiful photos with “magical” mossy rocks.

Co Thach Beach in the mossy season. Photo:

Mui Ne sand hill

The sand hill of Mui Ne (or Cat Bay) is known as the most beautiful sand hill in Binh Thuan. The name “Cat Bay” was given to this sand hill as its shape is constantly changed over time. Its hundred shapes are due to the erosion and blowing of the wind towards the delicate sand layer outside, which makes this sand hill different from common ones. You can rent a skateboard at the cost of about VND 10,000 - 20,000/each to experience the interesting adventure sandboarding game.

The best time to visit the sand hill is in the early morning or late afternoon when the temperature decreases.


The name “Cat Bay” was given to the sand hill as its shape changes continuously over time. Photo:

The beautiful Mui Yen

Mui Yen is a pristine cliff, located about 20km from Mui Ne market. It is noted that there are no tourism services here. You will be impressed by the beauty of Mui Yen at dawn when the rays of sunlight shine on the sparkling sea surface. At dusk or sunset, the bright orange red color will cover all over the sea. From a distance, there are a few birds flying, creating a poetic and charming scene.

Coming to Mui Yen, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the extremely immense and airy space, giving you a pleasant feeling. Visitors can camp here to immerse themselves in the wildness of nature. As Mui Yen has no travel service, you need to prepare all necessary items and clean up after leaving.

Camping in Mui Yen is a wonderful experience. Photo:

Binh Thuan will impress visitors from the open sea and islands to the simple life of fishermen here - which will become unforgettable memories of a beautiful land.

Reference: VnExpress