Visiting the mountainous Dak Lak with a series of beautiful places which will leave everyone surprised

Visiting the mountainous Dak Lak with a series of beautiful places which will leave everyone surprised

Dak Lak 14.09.2020

The saying "Dak Lak has nothing to discover" is wrong. Here are some extremely attractive tourist attractions in this land that wants to share with you.

Translated by nguyendo

Written by thyltp

Troh Bu Botanic Garden

This garden is located in Buon Nieng, Ea Nuol commune, Buon Don district, which is roughly 10 kilometers from the west of Buon Ma Thuot city center. In this private botanic garden, where its main purpose is to conserve the wild orchids of the highlands of Vietnam, you can freely take photos of mountainous landscapes. Have you ever heard of the “legendary” bird’s nest on Bali island? If you've ever wanted to see it, but have not had the chance yet, you should come to Troh Bu, as it has a similar bird’s nest.


Troh Bu Botanic Garden. Photo:

can-gi-di-dau-xa-viet-nam-cung-so-huu-xich-du-to-ken-dep-tua-bali-kia-kia (2)(1).jpg

Visiting the same beautiful bird's nest as the one from Bali. Photo:

Voi Me Rock (Mother Elephant Rock)

This is the lovely name that indigenous people have given this place, because from above this rocky mountain is shaped like a big elephant, which is also a symbol of Dak Lak province. To reach this place, you will have to follow Highway 27, after which you will arrive at the Yang Tao commune, which is about 40 kilometers from Buon Ma Thuot city center.



While standing on this rock, not only can you take a beautiful photo “up in the air”, but you can also have a chance to test your nerve as you will have to climb many unsteady steps up to the low rock slope, which has a height of about 30 meters and length of about 200 meters. There are few points which you can hold on to while fighting against the strong winds. If you want to conquer the largest monolithic rock in Vietnam, you will have to battle against these winds and climb for roughly 15 minutes before you reach the peak. Those who love a challenge and want a memorable achievement should not ignore the change of climbing Voi Me Rock.


The place for those who want to challenge themselves. Photo:

The World Coffee Museum

When referring to the mountainous Central Highlands, the famous fragrant specialty cannot be ignored. While you are visiting Dak Lak, you should spend some time learning about its history with the beans.

While most of the buildings in the area are made of concrete or cement, the museum is based on the communal houses of the Central Highlands and is built from local materials instead. The museum was opened in 2018 and quickly attracted a lot of visitors as a result of it maintaining an older feel and maintaining the unique culture of the land it was built on through its design.


The new coffee museum in Dak Lak. Photo:

You will have the opportunity to view a range of coffee making machines and tools, from the most primitive machines, to the newer and modern ones. This will be an interesting opportunity for you to learn more about the types of coffee made locally, while viewing them in a familiar arrangement to most western museums. If you want to buy gifts for family and friends, you can visit the souvenir shop, which also features a coffee shop in which you can try some of Dak Lak's unique flavours.

Besides sightseeing, are there any beautiful corners to take photos outside of the world coffee museum? There is a pink wild foxtail barley hill close to the museum area.


You can see a variety of coffee making machines. Photo:

Sac Tu Khai Doan Pagoda

In 1951 the Sac Tu Khai Doan was created. This was not only the first in the Central Highlands, but also the first in both Buon Ma Thuot and Dak Lak. The name of the pagoda is the combination of Khai Dinh King and Doan Huy Queen.

The pagoda is made entirely of wood in the style of Hue houses, without the main pillars. The highlighted tone of color is golden brown, which will allow all photos taken to stand out a lot. If you love spiritual tourism, you should never miss the opportunity to come to the pagoda. You can visit the large, beautifully designed campus, as well as enter the Buddhist temple to pray, but be aware that if you wish to go inside, you need to be barefoot.


The unique beauty of Sac Tu Khai Doan pagoda. Photo:

Ea Kao lake tourist area

This tourist area is exploited from Ea Kao Lake, which is a lake holding the values of both irrigation and tourism to the province. Travelling to this destination is also quite simple. From the center of Buon Ma Thuot city, follow about 4 kilometers along Highway 14, turn left and go straight ahead about 8 kilometers to reach Y Wang crossroads. You should stop here to ask for directions to the tourist area.

With a space of up to 120 hectares, Ea Kao Lake tourist area is ideal for organising team-building activities, picnics or recreational activities with many games and services.


A very interesting picnic spot. Photo:

The design of the tourist area is the combination of both the modern and cultural identity of the Central Highlands with the terrain of valleys, slopes and hillsides. The whole tourist area is a green space, which creates a sense of comfort, relaxation and freshness in accordance with ecotourism standards. Inside the resort, there are many areas such as the dining room, entertainment area, motels, restaurants, flower gardens, botanical gardens, campsites and children's play areas.

With the new “super hot” tourist destinations in Dak Lak that just shared above, you can hopefully add some more interesting destinations on your travel map. Hope you will have many memorable experiences in this mountainous natural area.